Hair Dryer that Does Not Dry Your Hair

    My hair is really damage and brittle from all the blow-drying, styling, and dyeing that I have done to it over the years. I use to just take it for granted but our recent trip to Europe makes me realize that I need to do something about my hair. When I was in London, my dry hair built up so much of static electricity and flyaways. It was really embarrassing as I walked down those chic streets of London where everyone dresses so well and is seen with a perfect crowning glory.
    Hair dryer is one of the main culprits of my dry hair. It is part and parcel of my life as I normally shampoo my hair in the morning, and I can’t be going to work with some wet and limp hair right? But have you heard about hair dryer that doesn’t dry your hair? Is that possible? As frequent blow drying of hair can be drying and damaging to hair is like a fact instilled in everyone’s mind.
    This is made possible with a little use of technology. The Sharp Plasmacluster technology combines positive and negative ions in the air to form a water molecule layer on the hair surface and retains the hair’s moisture. It also reduces cuticle damage, reduces static electricity and results in fewer spilt ends and hair breakage. This technology is being widely applied in car’s air conditioning system, home’s air purifier, and even in the Sharp Conditioning Hair Dryer.
    I love the sleek and modern design of the Sharp Conditioning Hair Dryer. There are three types of model – for salon use, for home use or for travel use, depending on your needs.  These models come in three colour choices – pink, white, black/gold.

    Saw that little snowflake symbol in the middle? It is the Cold Mode which thoroughly dries the scalp with a gentle flow of warm air at 45 degree Celsius. This limits damage to your hair and reduces excess moisture that causes limp hair. This gives you a voluminous and shining looking hair.
    sharp plasmacluster
    I love using the Sharp Conditioning Hair Dryer. It reduces static electricity in my hair and brush so there isn’t any tangling while I blow-drying.
    I love the feeling of running my comb and fingers smoothly through my hair.
    Thank you Sharp Plasmacluster for being the greatest invention ever. I like how my life is being surrounded by Sharp Plasmacluster products such as my Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator, Mobile Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator and Sharp Conditioning Hair Dryer.

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