Eat, Discover and Explore with Locals when Traveling

    Exploring new wonderful places and discovering hidden treasures is without a doubt the greatest joy of our travels so far, but these are not possible without some tips and advises from our fellow travelers and the helpful local people.

    Have you ever wish that when traveling, you can actually dine in a local’s house? Sharing stories, mingling, learning more about one’s culture over a simple dinner made with love? is one such website that bring together travelers with locals who have talents, passions and skills to share.

    It is a very meaningful project as it aims to create sustainable income for local people in Asia, while enabling travelers to experience something truly unique and memorable. Very often, even the best local guides are earning peanuts because a big chunk of the profit goes to travel agents. Via with, the middle-man part is eliminated.

    How do I get started?
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    First, select your travel destination.
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    Secondly, look at the options available as guests are able to  join one of the hosts to eat, to discover or to explore their city of choice.
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    Thirdly, refine your search results by filtering the location, duration and etc.
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    I’ve found some interesting experiences in my favorite city Bangkok! Instead of eating with the locals, this host allow guest to cook like a local. It is a very small and personalised cooking class, sounds fun!
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    For activities with locals, this thai fruit and vegetable carvings class looks interesting! Plus it is a small price to pay to enhance your carving skills.
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    I will also consider this tour experience as a day trip to Ayuttaya is definitely in the planning .What’s better than having a local who bring you around the old town, exploring every nook and corner and learning Thailand’s history in details.

    Once you have chosen an ideal experience, just pick a date and select book now! Payment can be made via credit card or paypal. All the transactions are governed by with’s admin. If the experience is being cancelled by a host, you will get a 100% refund.

    I will definitely consider with locals for our travels in Asia. It allows us to connect with the local people, and at the same time benefiting the local community as they get to offer their skills in exchange of income.  You too, can become a host if you think that you have got something to offer to the traveling community. I’ve seen some host listings in Kuala Lumpur. Well done guys!

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