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    Kampachi Pavilion Center Barasol Close-up (Media)
    Japan is one of our dream destinations. We do not know why until now we have not been to this beautiful country but hopefully a trip to Japan will happen this year. Most friends and families recommended us to go to the Kansai region instead of Tokyo for it’s rich culture, beautiful scenery and wonderful cuisine. The region includes the prefectures of Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo, and Shiga.
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    While we have not been to the beautiful Kansai region, we got to experience the best of the region’s food at Kampachi, Pavilion KL as they bring to us a special culinary promotion featuring the finest from Kansai region this 15 – 23 February 2014.
    For RM 300++ per person, Japanese Chef Koji Tamaru will showcase the purity of Kansai cuisine through a nine-course kaiseki dinner by selecting the finest seasonal ingredients and focusing on bringing out the actual taste of ingredients. We were fortunate enough to be amongst the earliest to sample some of the courses (six out of nine) available.
    Kaki no Ponzu Jure (Fresh Oyster with Ponzu Vinegar Gelée)

    The oysters were very plump with a briny flavor and a sweet finish. With its blend of sweet, sour and salt; the topping of ponzu vinegar gelee was refreshing and enticing.
    吸物 SUIMONO

    Hamaguri, Uguisuna, Harinegi, Kinome (Clear Soup with Clam, Japanese Mustard Spinach, Julienned Leek & Young Japanese Pepper Buds)

    The whole room went into silent mode right after this amazing soup dish was being served. A special leek that can only be found in Kyoto added such a lovely, subtle flavour to the soup. With a mild, sweet ocean flavour and a crisp texture; the clam rendered a very pleasant sweet taste to the clear soup.
    造り TSUKURI

    Maguro, Akagai, Hamachi (Slices of Raw Fish – Tuna, Ark Shell & Yellowtail)

    The next course was sashimi. Beautifully presented on a orange skin bowl and topped with edible flower petals, we were given the following uber fresh selections: Tuna, Ark Shell & Yellowtail.
    The textures and subtle flavour differences between three types of sashimis were really enjoyable. The chef did a wonderful job of including the ark shell (something like our blood clam) that offered a very unique flavour (without that bloody taste) and interesting textures (almost crunchy to the bite).
    Remember to ask for the special sashimi soya sauce to go with your slices of fresh fishes. It does make some differences!
    焼き物 YAKIMONO

    Tennen Buri Teriyaki Manganji Togarashi Syoyuzuke (Grilled Wild Amberjack with Teriyaki Sauce garnished with Marinated Manganji Green Pepper)

    As the wild amberjacks were not readily available, we were being served with yellow tail fish fillet. It was nothing to shout about as the yellow tail fish tends to be dry and flaky after pan frying. However, fret not as the wild amberjacks will be served for the kaiseki dinners.
    食事 SHOKUJI

    Sanshoku Oshizushi (Box Sushi with Sea Bream, Prawn & Conger Eel)

    It was our first time eating box sushi, aka Oshizushi, which is a compact form of sushi coming from Osaka. The compact form of rice was interesting as we need to chew for a longer time, allowing the slightly sweet and sour flavors from the vinegared rice to permit through.
    The rice was topped with unagi, shrimp and octopus followed by a thin, transparent slice of seaweed.
    甘味 KANMI

    Yuzu Mousse, Yomogi Daifuku (Japanese Citrus Mousse, Japanese Mugwort Mochi with Sweet Red Bean Filling)

    Our sweet ending of yuzu mousse was very refreshing. A faint tart finish was what made this sweet citrus mousse so appealing.
    I could not walk out of Kampachi without having their signature peanut mochi. We ordered extra and everything was gone in a jiffy.

    Kampachi remains my perennial favorite for offering the most delicious and fresh Japanese food options. It also stands out for its friendly staff. Remember to make your reservation to experience the best of Kansai region’s food this 15 – 23 February 2014 at Kampachi, Pavilion KL. Seating is limited as chef wanted to his guests to have the best 9 courses kaiseki experience here.

    Kampachi Pavilion KL
    Add: 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Bukit Bintang, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: +60 3-2148 9608
    Hours: Open daily from 10am to 10pm

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