The Brand New Kia Optima K5!

    OK. So we got married last November and now that #kbcgwedding and #kbcgineurope is over. What’s next?
    Get a house. Checked! Except that it’s 10 times smaller than this dream house image.
    Get a (bigger) car. Sounds like an idea, especially when two families become one as we need to make road trips to Ipoh and Kuala Terengganu more often. A big and stable car is definitely more comfortable and safer.

    I’ve always like the Kia Optima K5 and they have launched the facelift version in 16th January 2014. I like how the exterior features new headlight designs, front fog lamp, new radiator grille and new bumper design. It carries a more dynamic and aggressive image than the previous model. The price is pretty attractive at RM149,888.

    There are also lot of cool features such as:
    RHD ventilated_heated seat1-2
    -air ventilated seat (!!).By confining the cooled air directly to the spot where the hot driver and passenger is sitting, air-conditioned seats use energy more efficiently than air conditioners that cool the entire interior of the car. No more sweaty butts when we got stuck in a traffic jam!
    RHD Electronic parking break
    -electronic parking brake. This would be so useful for me! Just press the button and your car is securely parked. The conventional pedal or handbrake lever is replaced by a single button. How cool!

    -bigger boot space. Good for grocery shopping, furniture purchase, moving house and can even store a baby stroller!
    Hydrophobic Glass
    -Hydrophobic Glasses. It means self-cleaning glass! This really makes life easier. No more blurry rear view sights through the dust tinted windows.
    05 foglamps
    -Ice Cube Fog Lamps. Isn’t that cool?
    05 head lamps

    05 rear lamps
    -Front and rear LED lamps. It makes the car look so chic and fierce and cool!
    RHD drive mode select
    -Drive mode select (Normal, Eco & Sport). Time to impress that girl or boy with these different drive modes.

    I think I’ve finally found a dream car! Now we can’t wait to test drive the Kia Optima K5 facelift in Naza Kia showrooms. For more information, visit

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