How to Look Fabulous this CNY!

    Last week, I was invited to a skin care and make up workshop organized by Kose Malaysia. It was one of those workshops which I am more than happy to attend because I know that I will always walk home with some valuable beauty tips and beauty product knowledge. P1181350
    I’m also the biggest fan of Ariel Lin, a famous Taiwanese actress who is the latest spokeperson for Kose. “In Time with You” was one of my favourite Taiwanese series and we spotted many “Li Da Ren 李大仁” (s) – husbands, boyfriends and BFFs who accompanied their other halves to attend this beauty work shop.

    Our beauty instructor from Kose gave us a brief introduction on the Kose Sekkisei series. Sekkisei 雪肌精means bright and translucent skin as pure as snows. Sekkisei products contain Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts such as angelica, chnese pearl barley, licorice, mautan bark, etc to create that “snow-bright” translucent skin without any side effects.
    We began by trying out Kose Sekkisei series star products – Sekkisei Lotion. We soaked a cotton pad with the lotion and gently sweep it across the back of our hands, followed by some tapping motion to ensure better absorption.
    Can you notice the differences? The result was quite apparent, as one hand appeared to be brighter as compared to the other one. I also love the mild, soothing and calming scent of this lotion, making it perfect for everyday use.
    My most fearful moment is finally here! In order to fully appreciate the importance of having a good daily skin care routine, we started off by cleansing our face with Sekkisei Cleansing Cream. The cream is best to use at night, after a long day out or a long day at work. The gentle and mild acid cleanser quickly removes impurity while retaining skin’s moisture level. Just scoop cream about the size of a 50 sens coin with the fingertips and blend well with make up on the skin. Then tissue off or rinse off with water. I learnt that this step is inevitable even if you are not wearing any make up. This is because our skin is being exposed to pollution and dust everyday.
    It’s masking time after cleansing time! We dunked Kose’s lotion mask into a bottle cap filled with Sekkisei Lotion. Count from 1 to 3 and voila, within seconds the lotion mask expanded from absorbing all the goodness from the Sekkisei Lotion. Unfold the mask, put it onto your face, close your eyes and take some forty winks.
    The lotion mask does wonder in enhancing moisture diffusion rate, moisturizing deep within and brightening the complex. It felt so cooling, soothing and relaxing. Even the men in the room enjoyed their masking time very much.
    Look what happened after 10 minutes! My face glowed! It cleared some of my stubborn red skin around the nose and cheek. My skin was noticeably brighter and softer after one use so must quickly use the remaining liquid to massage onto my neck and jaw line.

    We were also taught to dispense Sekkisei Emulsion Excellent on a cotton pad and apply to skin till properly absorbed. Apart from brightening, it moisturises the skin to prevent it from aging.
    I think I’ve found the perfect BB Cream! It was my first time trying out the Kose Sekkisei White BB Cream and it did such a great in giving me an even skin tone. My skin also looked so bright and translucent, as compared to the normal white-greyish tone that most BB creams give. The coverage is good even though I did not use any concealer for my under eye (has been removed earlier). Most importantly, the texture was very light and non sticky, making it perfect for everyday’s use.
    I finished off with some ESPRIQUE Loose Face Powder with some tiny little light reflecting particles.
    KampungBoy first reaction was “ Why so bright! I need sunglasses!” I’m not exaggerating as that was his real reaction and he is quite an upfront person. It was amazing how some simple steps of masking + BB cream + loose powder can achieve such glowing and translucent skin.
    Now that we have beautiful skin, the next step is to achieve beautiful, healthy, lustrous and shiny crowning glory! Apart from maintaining a healthy, balance diet and protecting our hair from UV or chemical damages, choose a hair dryer that doesn’t dry your hair! The Sharp Plasmacluster series of hair dryers are designed as such that it conditions your hair, reduces static and reduces frictions.
    Mr. Chew from Sharp Malayia went through some chemical knowledge with us by explaining about air ions and how the Sharp Plasmacluster technology in hair dryers works. I like how he is always so passionate about the Plasmacluster technology and how he wanted it to benefit the whole wide world. Well, what he said is true. We have been using the Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator at home for almost 9 months now and it does wonder to my sinus.
    I tried the Sharp Ion Conditioning Hair Dryer and the result was apparent. My hair was really damaged as I just permed and dyed it. I can’t even run my fingers through my hair but after the blow-drying, my hair felt really smooth and it looked glossy. The hair dryer releases ions which capture water molecules on the hair surface, so my hair is moisture.
    New life to my hair!
    Thank you Kose and Sharp for such in insightful workshop! Visit any Kose counter to experience the Sekkisei series and find out what Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts can do to your skin. For more information on Sharp Ion Conditioning Hair Dryer, go to

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