Mamas Korean Restaurant @ Sunway Giza

    We posted a food photo in our Facebook Page and Instagram yesterday, and wrote that “OMG! I think we have found a favorite Korean restaurant in town!”. The response was overwhelming as many have commented and emailed us to ask where is this place. OK, so here you go – Mamas Korean Restaurant @ Sunway Giza.
    One of our ongoing quests is to find a good independent Korean restaurant in KL – a place that can be our “go to” spot when we’re in the mood for something Korean. We heard rumors of a new authentic  Korean place, and decided to give it a try because although we have had many bowls of bad kimchijiggae elsewhere, we are still hopeful for a good Korean place.
    Google Maps led us to Sunway Giza. Yes, we’ve been to Sunway Giza a couple of times but we could not located Mamas Korean Restaurant. After a few wrong turnings, a helpful security guard pointed us to the restaurant. It is located above Tokyo Kitchen at one of the outer corners of Sunway Giza. It is easier to turn in to the mall via the Public Bank side.
    As we stepped into the restaurant, we were attracted by its clean, spacious, and new looking interior. The restaurant is remincent of all the new hip and happening restaurants in Seoul with its sleek dark wood planks, soft lighting and warm earthy tone.

    mamas korean rest

    We were served with corn tea (oksusu cha, RM 1, refillable) here, a nice change from the usual roasted rice tea. Oksusu Cha is made from boiled roasted corn kernels and is good for digestion and intestinal health.
    What I like about Mamas Korean Restaurant is their wide varieties and general servings of home made banchan. I really enjoyed the lady owner’s home made kimchi – it has just the right spicy-pungent kick without being too sour. Their pa kimchi (green onion) and oi kimchi (cucumber) were also reminiscent of the authentic flavours we had on our previous visits to South Korea. The white gelatinous pieces is a type of  firm jelly appetiser made of water chestnut flour.
    We got these complimentary steamed egg as part of our order.
    As we ordered two types of barbecued meat, it comes together with this fresh greens platter. It was a nice touch as we got to choose which greens to go with our meat.
    The grilling pit looks a bit different here as it is made of hot stone which heats faster as compared to the conventional pits. The half oval shape also allows oil to drip down to the side of the rim, making it a healthier option. The wait stuff brushed the stone pit with a piece of lard before throwing our food in.
    Saengdeungsim (Beef Sirloin, RM 75). We asked for half portion as we wanted to try more things. The full portion would be double the size of this, of course.


    The meat was flavourful, juicy and melts in your mouth.

    La Galbi (Grilled Marinated Short Ribs, RM 60). The beef was absolutely tender with the most delicious sweet marinade and juices. The fat and collagen runs evenly throughout the meat, resulting in a juicy and tender texture.
    Daeji Makchang (Grilled Large Pork Intestines, RM 35). I could not resist ordering the pork intestines as soon as I saw them on the menu. The pork intestines were prepared before hand to get rid of its odd odors and excessive fat. However, as they were being grilled over barbecue, certain parts turned out to be chewier and some parts were nice and tender.
    mamas korean rest1-001
    The lady owner said that the pork intestines are meant to be eaten with the dipping sauce on the left OR the special leek kimchi on the right. We learnt something new!
    I like how the restaurant serve their grilled meats with various fresh vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, eringi mushrooms and onions. After some grilling action, they tasted so sweet and delicious.
    Mamas Korean Restaurant also have some super awesome lunch deal such as the bibimbap and kimchi jiggae as pictured above. It is selling for only RM 20, pretty good value for money if you ask me!
    The kimchi stew was very thick, flavorful and slightly spicy. I enjoyed digging for the mouth-watering strips of thick-cut pork belly inside the stew. The bibimbap too, has all the right flavour as the vegetables were seasoned with sesame oil and salt. However, I would have preferred a bowl of dolsot bibimbap (stone bowl) as the rice is being served in a normal bowl, hence it gets cold really fast.
    Have you tried added Sprite to Makgeolli? I strongly recommend that! It gives some interesting sweet taste and fizziness to the traditional Korean rice wine.

    Mamas Korean Restaurant has only been in business for less than a month, and the food quality is really impressive for such a satisfying meal. I hope they can maintain their food quality going forward and I hope they do not get too crowded like Seoul Korea at Taman Desa. We will definitely return to try out more items in the menu!

    p/s: I saw some groupon vouchers for sale for this restaurant, and I’ve already bought two! (disclaimer: I’m not being paid by group on or mamas ok? just sharing)

    Mamas Korean Restaurant
    C-1-1, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    Tel: 03-6151 1816
    Operating Hours: Weekdays: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Weekend and Eve of Public Holidays 11.00 am – 1.00 am


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