Preparation for the Big Day – My Skin Care Regime

    As a bride to be, I am pretty nervous about my skin condition. I have freckles since my teenage years but they’ve never really bothered me as most of my friends think that it’s “cute”. However, as I age, freckles + age spots + wrinkles does not look “cute” to me anymore.

    Our love for a sun,sea and sand kind of holiday aggravated my dark spots. To my horror, they have been creeping up and around my skin. Hence, my prolonged battle with these hyper pigmentation started since last year. I’ve tried a lot of products that promise to reduce the appearances of hyper pigmentation but nothing worked so far.
    Fortunately I found Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence. The newly formulated essence is selling like hot cakes as it is said to be able to reduce dark spots even before finishing one bottle.
    I like the dropper mechanism as it is more hygienic and it allows to me target my problematic areas.























    How does it work? Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence reduces dark spots and improving skin tone by accelerating our whitening metabolism, thanks to these special ingredients of Hexyldecanol⁶ and Inositol. In just 4 weeks of usage, my dark spots went one to two shades lighter and my skin tone is becoming more even. Hopefully I can go from patchy to perfect during my big day.

    Prewedding stress and lack of sleep have also cause puffiness and dark circles around my eye. My colleagues always ask if I am sick because I look tired all the time. The Olay White Radiance Eye Roller is here to help!
    I always massage my eyes using the above technique. . The rolling applicator feels so soothing and cooling on the thin and delicate skin around my eyes. I love using it in the morning, because it reduces my eye puffiness almost instantly. It just “wakes” my eyes up and my dark circles look less visible.
    After being an user for almost a month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Olay White Radiance workshop. Yvonne from Olay explained further on how melanin causes pigmentation and the wonders of Hexyldecanol and Inositol. It increases whitening metabolism from the cellular level. Studies show that 4 weeks of application can reduce pigmentations accumulated over 4 years!


    Elizabeth from Olay demonstrated product usage to the audiences. She was showing how the drop of Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence is two times more concentrated, hence it is holding really well on her finger tip even when she turned it upside down.














    Elizabath also showed how light and smooth is the Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence. It got absorbed into our skin in a jiffy!
    I was there to share my experience as a user together with Yang Bao Bei. The audience was 99% female and I’m so glad that everyone learnt something from the workshop.

    Hansen Lee did a short interview with me. I shared on how Olay White Radiance series works for me together with the other girls. Most of them were really happy with the results.
    Cheesie & Yang Bao Bei were there!
    With the lovely host May June.

    Like most workshop participants, I have learnt about the correct steps in applying Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence for optimal result and how to massage our eyes using the Olay White Radiance Eye Roller. Through effective application method, the product can penetrate into our skin and works its best. The products have served me well so far, you should try it for yourself! Both Olay White Radiance Cellucent White Essence, cost RM99.90 and Eye Roller, cost RM44.90 are available in all major supermarkets and pharmacies/drug stores nationwide now!

    For more information, check out Olay Everydayme website here and look for more beauty advises at Olay Malaysia Facebook page here.

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