Sing Heung Yuen @ Central, Hong Kong

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    Sing Heung Yuen has been sitting in my Hong Kong To Eat List for the longest time. It specialises in nissin noodles in tomato broth. I must admit that I was skeptical at first – canned tomatoes and instant noodles? How can something so simple and so effortless be good? However, it remained as one of the top restaurants listed in Open Rice as voted by Hong Kongers. There must be something which we missed right?

    Few months back, I dropped by Sing Heung Yuen (finally) when I was in HK for a work trip. The crowd wasn’t as scary as I’ve seen in some pictures posted by other bloggers. I think I made a right decision of  dropping by at 8am before work. I love the ‘dai pai dong’ setting – hawker stall shaded by canopies, wooden chairs and tables scattered around the cramped area, dining ala al-fresco style.
    Contrary to popular belief, the ah jie (lady waitstaff) at Sing Heung Yuen is actually quite friendly. We chatted for a while and she even recommended us to start off with some Salty Lemon Sprite 咸柠七. Great for sore throat, as she said. Maybe ah jie was in good mood that particular morning, or maybe she is always in her best of mood before the crowd started to pour in. The Salty Lemon Sprite is really something – it was salty, sweet, sourish and fizzy at the same time! Brilliant combination!
    Our order of hot milk tea was surprisingly good too. It was thick and smooth, tasted great even without any sugar added.
    You can choose any types of noodles (macaronis, mee hoon) to go with the tomato beef broth, with additional side orders such as ham, sausages and eggs. We opted for nissin noodles 番茄鮮牛一丁and nothing else.
    The broth was so delicious and rich. The generous dollops of canned tomato puree thickened the soup and added a nice sweet and tangy taste to the broth. The beef slices with minimal marinates; were so fresh and so tender. We really enjoyed our bowls of noodles and couldn’t stop drinking till the last drop (almost la).
    We also ordered a Lemon Honey Crispy Bun 柠蜜脆脆. The bun was crispy inside out, with generous spread of honey and lemon.
    Eating at a Sing Heung Yuen is truly Hong Kong experience as you will probably end up sharing a table with strangers and do not know what to order from a piece of laminated menu. Don’t be afraid of the crowd and rude waiters. Come here and experience the food and local atmosphere yourself.

    勝香園 Sing Heung Yuen
    2 Mei Lun Street, Central
    2544 8368
    Mon-Sat: 08:00-17:30; Sun: Closed
    Exit from MTR Sheung Wan (A2 exit) or Central (D2 exit), and walk towards Gough Street. Then as you see Kau Kee beef noodles, you will see Sing Heung Yuen on the opposite side of the street.


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