Our Big Lean Greek Diet

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    As a couple who love to travel, we often dream about going places. One of the countries that capture our heart is Greece – for it’s crystal clear beaches, historical sites, cultural events, picturesque villages and food culture; especially Greek yogurt that plays an important part in defining Greece’s food scene.
    While we do not have the luxury to travel to Greece, we take solace in indulging on some Greek style yogurt here in Malaysia, brought to us by Nestlé.
    We had the privilege of attending the Nestlé Greek Yogurt event at Mid Valley Megamall last weekend.
    How could we say no to food event like this, especially a lip-smacking one.
    The Nestlé promoter did a very good job in encouraging passer-by to come and experience a new and healthier way of indulgence.
    Most of them commented that the new Nestle Greek yogurt is sinfully creamy and full of goodness.
    Nestlé Greek Yogurt comes in 3 variants – Natural, Strawberry Field and Peach Harvest. Do you know that the natural variant is a great source of protein while all three variants are rich in calcium? Apart from that, it has no artificial colouring and contains live culture which is good for digestive system.

    It was nice catching up with Red Mummy and Eiling who shared with us their “awe-inspiring” shopping experience at designer stores. Hehe!
    We were also surrounded by hot Greek warriors who were there to embrace the event. Their make up and outfit is really eye-catching!
    Have you ever been surrounded by four hot hunks and the best part is one of them even spoon-feed you with some delicious yogurt? I did and it gave me butterflies in the stomach! Everyone there regardless of their age and gender was really happy with this one of a kind experience.
    Nestle is also very considerate that the event is completed with a make up artist on stand by and various headgears and costumes for the best photo opportunities.
    Nestlé Greek Yogurt comes in 3 variants – Natural, Strawberry Field and Peach Harvest with real fruits bits added in.

    The yogurt is so creamy, smooth and thick that it is really a pleasure to eat it on a daily basis. I started my day with Nestle Greek Yogurt in Strawberry Field and Peach Harvest flavour as I love the fruity bits in it. Sometimes, I throw in some extra toppings – collagen powder for that extra beauty benefits.

    Refreshing and flavourful, this is the ultimate guilt-free, way to indulge.
    KampungBoy loves plain ol’ traditional yogurt so the natural flavour suits him best. It has an au natural taste – tart and tangy with no sugar added!
    For a little afternoon indulgence, I will stir in some honey and cut fruits. It is a pure bliss to have it while getting some work done.

    Most smooth and creamy food stuff are fattening but not for these low fat yogurt. With Nestlé Greek Yogurt, we can finally indulge in some creamy and smooth goodness without feeling guilty at all!

    Try Nestlé Greek Yogurt at locations found here: http://on.fb.me/Zqdupn

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