Of #kbcgwedding Preparation (will be updated from time to time)

    Wedding Reception

    We will be having three wedding receptions at Ipoh (bride side), Kuala Terengganu (groom side) and Kuala Lumpur (bride side) – all within a month (!!). Our married friends told us that it is such a crazy idea to have wedding reception marathon. Our KL’s wedding party will be a small and intimate one; which started with a ROM ceremony and followed by dinner and dance session.

    Wedding Theme

    Lilac, peach and cream will be the main colour scheme of our KL reception.
    floral confettis
    poisoned by pinterest’s mason jar ideas – but i have only pasta jars, kiam cai jars and jam jars.

    Apart from that, we will be doing a lot of DIYs on confettis, pinwheels, table numbers, photobooth, photo cards, etc. I have done some work but it is hard to visualise what will happen when everything comes together.

    inspirations from pinterest boards

    Wedding Dresses

    my gown – work in progress

    Ipoh and Kuala Terengganu – Wedding Gown + Cheongsam

    Kuala Lumpur – Wedding Gown + Evening Gown

    I am custom making my vintage style wedding gown but am still on the look out for ready made cheongsam and evening gown. Any recommendations from you guys?

    Wedding Shoes

    I’ve finally found the perfect pair. It it not too expensive as most of you girls advise me against getting a designer pair. KampungBoy lets out sigh of reliefs and he would like to thank you girls for your valuavle advices.

    This gives me a big headache! Most bridal shoes are so expensive, in fact anything that comes with the word ‘bridal’ carries a hefty price tag. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pair with a reasonable pricing. My ideal pair is peeptoe platform pumps, about 4″ with small little details. Any inputs from my fellow readers?

    Wedding Band


    I’ve already set my heart on a pair of full or partial eternity band. My engagement ring uses a plain white gold band as KampungBoy wanted to allow the diamond to take “centre stage”. So I thought eternity band with smallish diamonds all around will complement my engagement ring perfectly. We visited a few jewelers in KL and in HK but found the perfect pair at this small shop in Penang. I went for partial eternity band as it is more practical – I do not want the stones on the inside of my hand getting banged up. KampungBoy’s wedding band has three elements – white gold, rose gold with diamond. He loves it and we think that our wedding bands does not have to be an exact match to make a beautiful pair.

    Wedding Photographer & MUA


    Since we are not plannning to sign up for any bridal packages, is there any freelance photographers and make up artists which you guys can recommend? We want to take some simple pre-wedding shots for memory purposes, nothing too elaborated or ‘dramatic’.

    Wedding Invitation

    Lex & Zhi Invitation cards.png

    My cousin, Laney who is a graphic designer volunteered to design the invitation card for us. Can I do a shout out for her please? Contact her at laney_ys@hotmail.com for any graphic design jobs or projects.

    Bridesmaid Dress

    gorgeous colour!

    My favourite blogshop – Twenty3 will be sponsoring our bridesmaids dresses. I’ve always trust Sherlyn’s fashion taste so I will leave it all to her. It will be a convertible dress which is an awesome idea because my bridesmaids can style it in different ways.

    Live Band

    Sherlyn will be singing for us. Why is she so talented? A blogshop owner and a great singer! She specialises in Jazz and her voice is awesome!

    Wedding Cake and Dessert

    obsessed with pinwheels!

    Non other than Charles Home Bake! We love his rainbow cakes and fondant cake! He will be in charging of the dessert table as well as our wedding cake.

    Wedding Door Gift

    We met Hong Lao Shi (teacher Hong) during a travel event. He is a master in paper cutting and he has his own gallery and publication, take a look at his work here a www.3dpaper.com.tw! We were happily chatting and we mentioned something along the lines of we are getting married. Hong Lao Shi got really excited – he took out this little paper bride which he designed and showed it to us. It went from a flat piece of paper to a beautiful paper bride holding a bouquet!

    We placed our order with him and we will be giving out these paper brides as door gifts for our KL reception guests. It is suppose to be a beautiful packaging for chocolates or sweets but we do not want our guests to tear open the “little bride”. So we thought of placing some dried flowers in the paper bride so that our guests can hang it in the room, in the car, etc. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Please let us know.

    Sometimes we feel so blessed to have our awesome friends and families around us. Thank you so much for your help and understanding. As kampungboy is giving me a free hand in our wedding preparations, I always remind myself to be a chillax bride instead of turning into a bridezilla which scares the hell out of everyone.

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