Test Your Memory and Win Some Money!

    Every time when I am stuck in traffic jam on the way to work, I vow that the next time I will try to leave for work early.  Everyone knows that it never happened. Well, if you can’t beat them join them. As the city’s roads transform into blinking rivers of red and white lights, I tune into Capital FM 88.9.
    If you don’t already know, Capital FM is the radio station for Malaysian women. It is designed to inspire and empower women through a series of programmes host by the station’s great announcers.
    I love listening to Xandria Ooi and Joanne Kam’s breakfast show – Talk of the Town. The lively and energetic duo creates great chemicals. They provide insights on a wide range of topics such as parenting, relationship, career and friendship, which I can somehow relate myself to. My favourite sessions gotta be Working Your Mojo on every Thursday mornings. It is a segment where personal life coach Zarina Zainal will share tips and guides on self-improvement. From work etiquettes to self-grooming, those were some great tips given by her! Sometimes I feel as though Joanne Kam and XandriaOoi were talking from the back of my passenger seat. Thanks for being my great companion on the road.
    Apart from killing boredom and picking up some tips on self improvement, one can also earn some cold hard cash and prizes by joining the “Capital FM Reconnect”, a memory game on radio. This campaign on Capital FM runs from 6th May till 24th May 2013.

    For the 3 weeks of contesting, listeners will have to guess the correct memory combination in order to win. A template of 40 grid boxes will be made available for listeners to download on Capital FM’s website.

    These boxes will only contain numbers but they actually represent different amounts of cash and varying aspirational prizes. Listeners can win up to RM20,000 cash and different prizes like an all-paid weekend getaway, a bag from Kayu, spa packages and many more.

    The lucky caller through gets to turn over two boxes and tries to find a match. If they successfully match two tiles, they win the prize in the box.

    “Capital FM Reconnect” runs 5 times a day.

    For this week (13-17May), this happens twice a day on “Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria”, once a day on “Capital Wave” and twice a day on “The Jam Break with Debs and Non”.

    For next week (20-24May), it’s twice a day on “Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria”, twice a day on “The Jam Break with Debs and Non” and once a day on “Groove Down with Priscilia.”

    Ladies, its time to squeeze some brain juices to challenge “Capital FM Reconnect” memory game! The attractive prizes could be yours anytime!

    Capital FM 88.9 broadcasts to the Klang Valley and covers areas in Bidor, Sungkai, Tanjung Malim, Nilai and parts of Seremban. Alternatively, you may stream online or download the Capital FM app.

    Website:  www.capitalfm.com.my
    Twitter: @iAMCapitalFM.

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