Taiwan Itinerary Day 3: Let’s Go to Taitung!

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    Coastal Way from Taipei to Taitung

    Our trip to Taiwan last summer was totally unplanned for. It started with our good friends – Hsu Da Ge and Chen Jie asked if we are game enough to join them on a road trip to Taitung and Kaohsiung. They hired Jiang Gong, their good friend who is also a personal driver for hired.
    It was the best spontaneous decision made because we had so much fun throughout the 9 days trip! We have been to Taiwan 4 times but never seem to get bored with this beautiful country.
    Towards the third day of our Taiwan trip, Jiang Gong picked us up from Amba Taipei and off we went on a 8 hours journey to Taitung!
    We had a lot of fun chit chatting and singing along the journey. Hsu Da Ge and Chen Jie’s enthusiasm were infectious and fun.
    We passed by Xueshan Tunnel (fifth longest road tunnel in the worlds), located on the Taipei-Yilan Freeway.
    We made several pit stops along the way and this is one part of the Su-Hua highway. The coastal road along the edge of Qingshui Cliff has is a tranquil and fascinating sight-seeing path.
    There are many scenic points of interest along the Suhua Highway and we stopped at one of it. Hsu Da Ge was very nice to prepare us some Taiwanese Ai Wen mangoes.
    Plump and deliciously sweet, Ai Wen is the best Taiwanese fruit to be enjoyed from the end of June through early August. Ai Wen mangoes are famous for their unique shape, colour and odour. It has a firm texture and it is super sweet. We must have eaten more than 2 dozen of those mangoes while we were in Taiwan last summer!



    The Hualian to Taitung stretch of the Bin-Hai coastal highway is great for cycling. Maybe we will try that next time!
    We also had lunch at some random restaurant by the highway – wild boar skin salad, wild vegetables, grilled wild boar, sakura shrimps. Those were some unique dishes which we have never seen or tried before.
    Hsu Da Ge requested to stopped by Fugang Fish Market to do some marketing. We were going to have some of the freshest sea produce that night!


    It was a relatively pleasant experience learning about the type of sea produces which are unique to Taiwan. The work crews were really friendly and they were so eager to show us around.

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