Taiwan Itinerary Day 2: Eat & Shop around Ximending Area

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    As we were staying at Amba Hotel, a boutique hotel backed by Taiwan’s Ambassador Hotel Group, we spent our night time exploring Ximending shopping area which is just literally downstairs. I believe Ximending needs no further introduction as it is the biggest congregation of youth culture and street fashion in Taiwan, otherwise known as “the Harajuku of Taiwan”.
    Whenever we travel, food is our main priority so off we went to hunt for Taiwan street snacks. We tried this grilled mochi snacks as we spotted a long queue right in front of the kiosk. Dusted with a think layer of ground peanuts, the grilled mochi was warm and soft. However, it got really chewy after a while so please remember to eat it fast.

    No. 49, Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei


    Taiwanes Sausage in different flavors

    The street vendors, with their mobile food carts at Ximending shopping area move from one place to another. This is because street vendors are strictly prohibited here.
    I think we have graduated from Ah Zong Mee Sua. I used to think that it is simply out of this world, but after we tried various other better mee sua around Taiwan, Ah Zong’s version was nothing to shout about.

    Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle/ 阿宗麵線

    Official website: www.ay-chung.com

    Xi-Meng-Ting Headquarter/西門町總店:
    Address: No.8-1, Emei St., Wanhua District, Taipei City
    Walking Directions: 5 minutes walk from Ximen MRT station, exit 6
    地址: 台北市峨嵋街8號之1
    Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:30 (Mon – Thu); 11:00 to 23:00 (Fri – Sun)
    Tel: 02-2388-8808

    We walked pass Ji Guang Fried Chicken a few times but the long queue is really putting us off. At around 10pm, the queue vanished so we have decided to give it a try.

    It is being priced at NT55 for small and NT100 for large. The chicken pieces reminds me of popcorn chicken – decent bite size. The stall staff sprinkled the chicken pieces with a generous amount of pepper specially made with some Chinese medicinal herbs. The crust was light and crispy while the inside was piping hot, juicy and tender. We paired these with a cup of authentic bubble tea – best supper experience!

    A talented street performing artist drawing art using spray cans and gloss it out by a fire torch. I think he is quite a famous figure at Ximending area as most tourists who have visited Ximending would have seen him.





    It feels good to just walk around and buythings for good selection and variety before we called it a day.

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