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    Yellow Day – Rejuvenation
    Dance of the dragon
    The main reason we were at Club Med Cherating Beach is to attend a special programme – “Body and Soul: Four Colours in Four Days’. It is a health and wellness rereat programme designed to boost wellbeing and overall healthy through a series of activities on four colour-themed days per session.
    Lynnley during the Dance of the Dragon session
    City dwellers like us often think that healthy diet and exercise plan are important, but our mood and mind play an equally big part in determining our overall wellbeing. Hence there is a renewed desire in most people to awaken their spirits, heal their hearts, bodies and change their lives. We were very lucky to have two fitness expert from Physical Best Australia – Lisa Westlake and Lynley Gladdis. They have received numerous accolades in health and fitness so we took it as a great learning opportunity.

    On Yellow Day, Lynley guided us through the Dance of the Dragon. is based on an ancient Taoist practice (the healing art of Qi Gong) which energetically re-balances, regulates and dexoxifies the internal system through consistent practice. The Dance of the Dragon incorporates simple movements to induce a deep internal massage on our vital organs.
    That’s me and Lynley after a great work out while soaking up the warm sun and sea breeze off the ocean.
    Apart from influencing our moods and emotions, colours also play a big part in the food we eat.
    Throughout the 4 days programme, Club Med designed a colourful diet of healthy eating by colour. We had various cheeses, zucchini, melon juices, lemon juices, chick peas, etc which play a key role in regenerating the body.

    Lisa Westlake during the Tribal Rhythm session
    On Red Day, Lisa Westlake guided us through the Tribal Rhythm.
    The tribal rhythm combines music and fitness. We drummed on the fit ball and our movements were done around the fit ball.Body & Soul Tribal Rhythm session
    The workout had us rocking and rolling while burning mega calories while having lots of fun. Lisa helped us find the right rhythm while we beat on a fitball ball with drum sticks.
    There is nothing like beating on a ball to get rid of all of your worries and angst!
    I got sore arms and tons of sweat after the one hour class. If only my gym does this, I’ll be a regular!


    Yin Yang Chi Balls is all about balance and harmony, just like how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world;. The workout session combines stillness vs movement, soft vs hard and slow vs fast all in one. We also did aqua aerobic (super tiring to walk/run/lift/kick in water), kayaking and tea time with colour therapy today.

    Towards the final leg of body and soul programme, the activities focus on revitalisation. We have Rainbow Relax & Releases which facilitates stretching and balance while flowing through the rainbow-inspired sequences.
    I swear, I felt like a different person after going through the rainbow meditation. My mind used to wander a lot during my other yoga session. However, this was my first time having to stop my busy mind and coming to a calm heart. I can feel my body becoming all of the colours of the rainbow and qualities like strength, courage, intelligence and respect.
    I went though a yoga session with Lisa too. It focuses on finding my internal center through focused breathing and concentration.

    It was hard to hold postures but I had fun nonetheless.
    I loved  all the outdoor fitness session. Imagine listening to the sounds of the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun while practicing yoga or doing the tribal dance. I came away feeling relaxed and in touch with my inner body and heart after this short getaway…

    The Body & Soul programme happened in Bali at March 12th to March 23rd and in Cherating Beach at April 7th to April 14th this year. Club Med might bring this programme on board again next year, depending on the responses and availability.

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