Club Med Cherating Beach – Activities & The Friendly G.Os

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    Club Med is the type of place where you can do absolutely nothing at all or keep totally busy from morning till night. We belong to the latter group as the number of activities available at Club Med Cherating Beach is simply overwhelming.

    Theme Night
    At Club Med, every night is a unique one with different staged show. The MJ show was one of the best theme night of the week. MJ’s songs and dance moves are so classic!
    Its hilarious and cute how everyone from the sailing instructor to the bar tender get in on the act and put on a lavish and interesting show.
    GLEE night performance by G.O. team
    Glee Night

    Party, Party, Swag, Swag
    G.Os and G.Ms dance together every day and night at Club Med.
    One of Club Med's culture - Crazy Sign
    For 3-4 times a day; everybody gets into the act with dancing that morphs into “Crazy Signs”, a signature feature at Club Med. People from all ages and all nationalities join in on the simple dance and sway all night long.
    Party Party Party at Club Med Cherating Beach

    Archery, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer…
    Some of the other land activities for the older kids include swimming, archery, soccer, tennis, ping pong and etc.
    I tried archery for the first time I found that aiming was a very difficult thing to do, let alone hitting the bulls eye! It was great fun nonetheless.

    Water Activities
    Water activities are aplenty at Club Med – there’s water valley ball, water polo, aqua aerobic happening at the main pool area from time to time.
    For kampungboy, the sailing academy is one of the highlights of Club Med’s activities. The sailing instructor Jake was onboard together with the novice team to ensure their safety. It was very exciting sailing experience with some great wave rides.



    Flying Trapeze
    I’m totally diggin’ those tights 🙂

    At Club Med everyone’s dream of flying and reach for the stars can come true (children from 4 years old through to adults).
    KampungBoy tried the flying trapeze on the second and third day of our trip. Club Med has the best equipment and facilities for flying trapeze enthusiasts so there is no need to worry about safety issues. The sensation of flying through the air is extremely addictive as KampungBoy did at least 3 rounds a day.
    KampungBoy managed to hook his leg onto the bar on second attempt but he’s not quite ready for the catch yet, according to the instructor. Maybe he’ll do it on our next visit to Club Med?
    The Catch!

    Rock Climbing
    We also did rock climbing at the Pantai Beach. My first reaction when I saw the cliff was “are we going to climb up the real rock?”.
    Two G.Os were stationed there to check on the safety gears and to ensure on our safety.
    We did the beginner’s slope and kampungboy reached the top in a jiffy.
    They were really encouraging and supportive as I hung halfway begging to get down. With their moral support and cheering, I proceeded and almost made it to the top (hehe). It was no easy feat as I can feel my arms and knees trembling after the climb.

    Visitors to Club Med tend to rave about the enthusiastic and outgoing G.O.’s (gentle organizers). It was true indeed as the G.O.’s we met were out-going, consists of only young people who meet guests while doing their work. _MG_9281
    The Malaysia Media Team rocks too!




    I have to say that our first Club Med experience did not disappoint at all. ClubMed is well run, well organized and makes every attempt to provide a fun, entertaining experience for everyone from young to old. We had so much fun running around the resorts trying our hands on doing different activities, chilling at the Zen Space, hanging out with the G.Os and enjoying international cuisines and free flow drinks.

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