Seoul + Busan Itinerary Day 6: Cherry Blossom @ Dalmaji Hill

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Many friends and readers visited South Korea this year and posted beautiful cherry blossom photos on Facebook. It is causing me to reminisce about spring in Seoul and Busan. We’ve had our fair share of cherry blossom viewing this time last year at Dalmaji Hill which is located towards the end of Haeundae Beach.IMG_2017
Dalmaji Hill is full of character. There are plenty of old and mismatched buildings located at one side of the hill. At the same time, it is well known for its plethora of cafes which cater to young couples who come to enjoy a cup of coffee and the nice view of Haeundae Beach.

On days with clear skies, one can see Japan’s Daema Island  from this pavilion, we were told.  In Japan, they call it Tsushima, but in Korea the island is known as Daemado/Daema Island.

Dalmaji Hill is a one of the hip-pest area in Busan. The numerous upscale restaurants and cafes act as popular hangouts for the young crowds and local celebrities. The hippies also enjoy gallery hopping along the hill; while the long stretch of road attracts motorcyclists, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and hikers.
Dalmaji Hill boasts beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees, which are located just beyond Haeundae Beach, on the slope of Mt.Wausan. The landscape, with the blue sea, sandy seashore, and pine trees, is beautiful enough to be the representative place of this area for a long time to come.













We love how Busan is kind of cold but really sunny and beautiful. It is like a perfect time to take a stroll down the road, either alone or with someone. We walked around for a while, before grabbing some coffees and toasts at Angel in Us Cafe.
Honey Strawberry Toast
Hot Latte
The best thing about traveling on our own is that we can take it at our own pace. Sometimes if  we see a book that catches our eye, we’ll just sit down, have a cuppa and a wee read. Or we could spend one whole afternoon on people watching ;).

Dalmaji Hill

Getting Here:
From Busan Station, take city bus No. 139 or 140 / city experss bus (jwaseok bus) No. 239 or 240 and get off at Mido Apt. Then walk 10-15 min along the sign (totally takes 1 hour).
In front of exit 1 of Haeundae station (Busan Subway Line 2), take city bus No. 100 and get of at Yeongnam Apt. Then walk 10-15 min along the sign (totally takes 50 min).

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