Of Fresh Air & Beautiful Skin

    Thanks to Sharp and Nuffnang, we were fortunate enough to be invited to Sharp Plasmacluster Workshop Part II at Mid Valley last week. Do you know that Sharp Plasmacluster was awarded by The Brand Laureate Awards 2010-2011 as ‘Best Brands in Healthcare’? Read on and you’ll know why. IMG_4486
    The workshop provides an excellent way for us to experience the wonders of the plasmacluster technology. sharp
    Mr. Chew from Sharp Malayia went through some chemical knowledge with us by explaining about air ions and how Sharp Plasmacluster technology purifies the air by generating and emitting both positive and negative ions. The ions when come into contact with viruses and mold will transform into OH radicals which break down the proteins in viruses and mold. The OH radical together with H creates water H2O which returns to the air. IMG_4540
    Apart from being widely use in ionic air purifiers, the Sharp Plasmacluster technology is also being incorporated into beauty care. The Plasmacluster Beauty Care aims to purifies, rejuvenates and restores, anytime & anywhere. IMG_4566
    We have stylists from Number 76 who demonstrated how to blow dry and create smooth, soft hair with Hair Conditioning Dryer from the Plasmacluster Beauty Range. Number 76 salons replace their existing hair dryers with the Hair Conditioning Dryer, which is a true and professional testament to the standard and quality of those hair dryers. IMG_4476
    My extremely dry, coarse, unruly hair needs some magic touch too. IMG_4585
    Steve from Number 76 saw my hair and he shook his head teasingly, “Your hair is really damaged”. IMG_4588
    However the result is almost instant – my hair became silky and glossy after some styling. IMG_4592
    The ionic hair dryer works because it bonds water droplets on the hair shaft with negatively charged ions. This breaks them down into smaller particles that dry quicker and helps seal the strands’ cuticles to retain moisture in the process. It also reduces cuticle damage, reduces static electricity and results in fewer spilt ends and hair breakage. IMG_4598
    Sharp Plasmacluster had something fun in store for us too! We were given a task to get our creative juice flowing by decorating the Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator with whatever we have on hand. IMG_4594
    KBCG’s version of Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator. Cute no? IMG_4612
    Our decoration is envisioning a fresh air wonderland and the top structure is depicting IONS. sharp2
    Cememberu and Iza with their creative art work =)
    I have to say all the participants did a great job, the decoration ideas run wild and Sharp is generous enough to give away all 10 units of Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator. Everyone walked away grinning from ear to ear. IMG_4719
    The giveaway product is now sitting nicely on my bedside table. We are so happy with it as we get to enjoy a breath of fresh air at home.
    We have been using the Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator for a few days now. I turned it on before going to sleep every night. I hope this will improve my sinuses problem.
    The Mobile Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator is also my favourite product because I can carry it with me wherever I go. IMG_4729
    Imagine breathing in fresh air on the go! It is so small that I can slip it into my handbags/clutches. IMG_4722
    It is my great companion at work now. It comes packed in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is also chargeable via AC or USB port. How convenient! sharp3
    Even KampungBoy is in love with the Mobile Portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator! He can easily stuff it inside his pockets! Maintaining a healthy life style is not all about exercising and eat healthily, clean and fresh air does matter too. With so many irritants floating around our homes and work places, clean air is becoming a very precious component in our lives. Thus, I really appreciate Sharpa Plasmacluster as it purifies the air by:

    1. Suppressing the effects of airborne viruses
    2. Breaks down and removes airborne mold
    3. Breaks down and removes allergens
    4. Removes odors
    5. Result: Fresh clean air + lock-in skin moisture

    For more information, visit Sharp Plasmacluster Facebook Page and Website.

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