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    A while back our reader Charles sent us some love in the form of  an awesome assortment of cakes. Sporting a low rise denim and hip hop cap, this young looking chap looks like a college student more than a pastry chef. I must admit that we were a bit skeptical – “his cakes can eat ar?”.

    However as they said never judge a book by its cover. We enjoyed the cakes tremendously! We had rainbow cake, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and chocolate banana cake and they were all amazing!


    Here’s some background stories on Charles and his brainchild Charles Cakes & Confectionary:

    Charles developed a strong interest and passion for baking since young. After SPM he told his parents that he wanted to pursue a career in baking and culinary arts. His parents stood against his decision as they wanted the best for their precious child who scored an above average result for SPM.  Charles ended up doing FoodScience and Nutrition, which is still very much relevant to his one and only one passion – baking.

    Charles eventually graduated and worked as a nutritionist for about half a year. He worked day in, day out without a clear goal in life. His life turned whenr one day he had really bad car accident while working outstation. The car was in a almost total loss condition but fortunately Charles was alright with only minor injuries. This near death experience has made him thinking what he really wants in life.  So he started his baking career last October and resigned to focus on his business completely in December 2013.
    It was tough because for him because he had to learn everything by himself. It involves a lot of practicing and trials and errors but Charles survived. Thus, we think we should render some support to this young and aspiring baker by featuring some of his products here:

    Rainbow Cake. It consists of six sponge layers, each spotting a vibrant colour. The sponge layers are being separated from one another with a delicious spread of lemon cream cheese frosting. The sponge layers have a light hint of vanilla, and the texture is so light and airy!

    Japanese Strawberry Shortcake is actually a layered sponge cake with a strawberry and whipped cream filling, and whipped cream frosting. It is truly a beautiful layered cake that is light and delicious.  We like the nice and light strawberry taste very much!
    Caramel Banana Cake. We think Charles has already master “the perfect sponge cake recipe”, if there is any. There are some beautiful cream cheese and banana filling inside with a nice nut crunch layer outside.
    Tiramisu Cake. It reminds us of Alexis/Su Chan’s tiramisu cake as it is coated with a layer of caramelized mixed nuts. I think Charles version of tiramisu is non-alcoholic, though we prefer it to have more “kick”.

    Thanks Charles, for letting us know of such a great home baker like you. I’m sure there are many happier first-time customers whom turn into loyal returning customers like us!

    Contact Charles Cakes & Confectionary @ or [email protected]

    *this is not a sponsored post*

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