A Day Out with My “Small & Slim” Buddy

    hiding our huge camera behind

    I always think that cocktail dress/formal dress + DSLR is my biggest fashion faux pas. Both KampungBoy and I have always been carrying a big ass DLSR with us, as we wanted to capture the best moments anytime, anywhere. However, I wish we have something small and light weight (without compromising the picture quality of course) which can be slipped into my evening clutch easily.
    We’ll be the first ones to raise our hands and admit that we are addicted to Instagram. “Hold on – I need to Insta this really quick” became our quote of the day. We can’t even take a bite of our food before first snapping picture, and sharing it on our instagram page. So it is best to have a smartphone with nice camera features as well.

    I think I found one. The Galaxy SIII mini is small but pack a punch. I love the 5MP camera that features a range scene modes and effects which I can play around with them a lot.
    We took the Galaxy SIII mini out for a day and were pretty happy with it. All our pictures were “instagram perfect”!



    I like how the colors are fairly accurate with a slight oversaturation. I don’t even need to apply an instagram filter to it as the subject pops out naturally.
    Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 2.32.01 PM
    It is easy to take photographs on the go as the Galaxy SIII mini  captures images quickly, and copes well with movement. This cute little kitty marks one of our instagram moment.
    We also play around with the various shooting modes and effect.
    black and white, sepia and negative.
    Panaroma effect is definitely essential beautiful landscapes as we travel around.
    I also love the smile focus function! It comes in handy when everyone can’t pose still for a photo at a party. It will automatically detect smiles and snap a picture.
    It has an LED flash to assist it in low lighting conditions. Great for indoor shooting especially for food bloggers like us.
    my food is brighter than yours

    You know how those fine dining restaurants are always dimly lit with small table top candles to create intimate dining at its finest. The LED flash comes in handy when we want to instagram that delicate piece of foei gras or steak.

    All the images are non edited and we were fairly happy with its quality. The photos have some noise in them, but it is acceptable as the fine detail is mostly intact. I love the colours, it is sharp and clear.
    Galaxy SIII mini on my kitchen scale

    With superior picture quality like these, the days when you could tell “pro” photographers from amateurs by the size of their cameras might soon be over. I’m so glad that I don’t need to lug around my heavy camera anymore.

    If you like to find out more about this awesome smart phone, click here!

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