Need a Hand in Hong Kong?

    Our recent trip to HK was an impromptu one. We found ourselves moving mostly around Central area as we stayed at the Ovolo Boutique Hotel at SoHo area.
    Hong Kong is a familiar city for the both of us, but sometimes we found ourselves wandering the streets of Hong Kong, feeling lost and clueless.
    Fortunately for us, we made a smart decision of renting a smartphone at the HK airport arrival hall for only HK$68 (less than RM30/SGD 12) a day with unlimited 3G Internet access. The device is known as Handy Hong Kong, and our rental fee also includes unlimited local and overseas call time to 17 countries. One can choose from either Samsung Galaxy Note or Nexus devices and of course, a deposit of HK$3000-4000 is required.
    Handy smartphone rental service is more than just a device, as it has preloaded guides for tourists and exclusive deals from various merchants around the city. One generous feature is the inclusion of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB tethering support. So if you are traveling in a group, a handy device doubles as a wifi modem and everyone is able to stay connected. Awesome!
    We found these preloaded Hong Kong city guide really useful. The city’s best restaurants, attractions and entertainment venues are specially hand picked by Handy’s travel specialists. There’s even detailed public transportation information provided. Or one can use the map function to find their exact location and get direction to the destination. Now tourists to Hong Kong can bid goodbye to guide books and printed maps!
    In addition to these services, handy users can also enjoy a handpicked exclusive deals from around the city. One just need to make a purchase with his/her credit card  and the deal bought will be shown in the device. Just flash it to the respective merchants to enjoy the deal.
    Each handy device is pre-loaded with more than 40 apps by the rental service. Istant messaging service like Whatsapp and We Chat is not available in the device but one can always download any apps through Google Play. Handy staff will delete these apps once user return the device as it usually contains user’s personal information.
    KampungBoy & handy Hong Kong
    Handy Hong Kong helps to locate restaurants, attractions and entertainment around us. During one of the day, we had absolutely no idea what to eat, so we used handy device to look for restaurants near us. One of the choices given is Kau Kee, a beef brisket noodles specialist.

    Let’s Go!
    Finding the place is a breeze as we navigated with Google map.
    Beef Brisket Yee Mee in Clear Soup & Beef Brisket in Curry Sauce – looks like a million dollars and tastes like heaven.

    We had a great time exploring Hong Kong with handy Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at these pictures:
    The shopping guide in handy brought us to IFC mall – one of the most visually stunning shopping destinations in Hong Kong, featuring over 200 international brands.

    HK travel tip  – IFC’s garden rooftop is for the use of the public. We dropped by City Super at Level 1, pick up some sandwiches and juices and headed to the roof top for a quick lunch. There’s no need to burn a hole in your pocket for million-dollar views at sky bar like Sevva or Red when you get to enjoy the same view at IFC’s rooftop.

    Spacious alfresco dining space – the perfect treatment for a quick lunch break!
    Central Restaurant – Lei Garden @ IFC mall
    Central Attraction – Central Pier 9
    Central Attraction – (around) Lan Kwai Fong & SoHo
    We took the opportunity to enjoy Star Ferry ride. For only HKD 2.50, it is like taking a cruise on a budget as we took in a widescreen view of the Hong Kong skyline throughout the seven minute ride.

    Tsim Tsa Tsui Shopping – Heritage 1881
    Tsim Tsa Tsui Restaurant – Little Fat Cow Hot Pot
    Tram Ride to North Point
    North Point Restaurant – Hung’s Delicacies (Chiu Chow Chinese Restaurant)

    All in all, we found handy Hong Kong to be really useful. Apart from being a useful travel companion, it also saves us from sky high data roaming fee. The handy device eliminates prepaid SIM cards, paper maps and physical guidebooks. The most important thing is we get to stay connected with you guys via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; sharing our travel updates throughout the trip.

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