Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 BH dan Gas Petronas FINALS

    We had previously blogged about the semi final round of “Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 BH dan Gas Petronas”; where 20 contestants (10 fall under the individual category while another 10 is from the professional category) partake in the heated and intense competition.
    The final round happened last Saturday at Piazza [email protected], Mutiara Damansara. BH and Gas Petronas booths were spotted, offering a lot of exciting promotions, games and contests for everyone’s participation.

    The winners will be announced on the spot. The grand prize winner will be walking away with a cash prize of RM10,000 for both individual and professional category. The professional category’s winner will also be a guest writer for a recipe column in Berita Harian on every Thursday, for a period of 6 months. There are also cash prizes for first runner up, second runner up and the top 10 contestants.
    We were there to witness the individual category’s final round. The final three standing chefs are:

    Azman bin Abu Samah, 49 years old, from KL, work as chef
    Rosni binti Johari, 36 years old, from Kedah, work as teacher
    Chua Tor Aik, 22 years old, from Subang Jaya, study culinary art
    Contestant from the individual category is are entitled for a kitchen assistant.
    We have Pengurus Besar Perniagaan Gas Petroleum Cecair (GPC), PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) -Puan Nik Faizanira Nik Affandi, Datuk Chef Redzuawan Ismail (Chef Wan), Pengarang Unit Wanita BH – Jami’ah Sokri as the panel of judges.
    Azman flexing his muscles and continuously stirring at the same time.

    Each contestant were given 30 minutes to prepare an appetizer and a main course of their choice.
    Rosni looking cheerful and confident.
    Chua must be really stressed out as Chef Wan observed while he cooks.
    Time waits for no one, and soon after 30 minutes, the finalists presented their appetizers and main dishes in a very presentable manner.
    Azman’s starter: Otak Otak Gumpal 1 Malaysia Bersumbat Telur Masin Bersama Sos Kari Serai
    Azman’s main course: Pulut Chang Malaysia Bersumbat Rendang Kari Ayam
    Rosni’s appetizer: Sticky Rice on Seafood Nest with Mushroom Curry Sauce
    Rosni’s main course: Paneer Stuffed Chicken with Uppuma & Green Apple Sauce
    Chua’s appetizer: Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Consommé with Zucchini Strands)
    Chua’s main course: Chicken Rice (Mushroom Risotto with Chicken Roulade)
    Here’s the judges sampling the entries and mark judging slips with scores.
    They also critique the dishes based on presentation, taste, and creativity. Those were all constructive comments, which help the contestants to improve further in their future culinary adventures.


    It was a tough call for the judges; as all three finalists have shown their creativity in designing an appetizer and a main course that match the theme “1 Malaysia” perfectly.
    However, decisions have to be made and Chua Tor Aik, a 22 years old culinary art student emerged as the champion. He’s such a young talent! Azman bags the second place while Rosni is the second runner up contestant up for Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 BH dan Gas Petronas.
    We were so inspired by Chua that we have decided to mimick one of his dish creation – chicken rice (Mushroom Risotto with Chicken Roulade in Mango Chutney). There are elements of 1 Malaysia in our recipe – rice for Chinese influences, Chutney for Indian influences and Chicken/Chicken Stock for Malay Influences. Here’s our video:

    Thank you Berita Harian and Gas PETRONAS for taking the effort by organizing Pencarian Chef Selebriti 2 BH dan Gas Petronas which aims to locate amazing homegrown chefs who can do justice to our nation.

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