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    When I was a little girl, my sisters and I would spend our days sitting at the front yard of our house, anxiously awaiting the jingling melody which announced the arrival of the ice cream man in a motorbike. We’ll then pulled our hands out of our school uniform’s pocket and studied the coins we had. Most of the time, we pooled everything together just to buy a Nestle Drumstick to be share amongst the three of us.

    Hence, Drumsticks will forever remind me of hot afternoon and my childhood.
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    Putting aside the feeling of nostalgia, my favourite ice cream Nestle Drumstick is running this“Home of Adventure” contest.

    As we all know, Malaysia is one of the most interesting places with many new experiences to be discovered. This contest aims to identify the most adventurous things to do in our home country. Nestle Drumstick will even invite their fans to experience some of those exciting and adventurous locations.

    How to join?
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    Go to Home of Adventure Facebook App.
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    1. Select your home state.
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    2. Pick the location you think is most adventurous.
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    3. Select from 4 categories: Food Travels, Water Extreme, Thrill Seekers and Nature Quests.
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    4. Explain why in not more than 50 words (BM/English) and upload photos/videos (optional).

    5. Complete submission.
    Thril Seekers reminds me of our Poring Treetop Canopy Walkway experience. Do you know that one is required to climb 550m in order to reach the 157.8 m long canopy walkway with an average height of 41m? The hike up to the canopy walk is pretty strenuous to us as it is an uphill hike all the way.

    Enough of whining, now let me present to you our entries:
    “The 157.8m long Poring Treetop Canopy Walkway is 40m above ground. Walking through the planks hardly a foot wide is tough, but I feel much better as I go along. The view from the suspension bridge is simply awesome and I felt so small in front of the power of nature”

    Malaysia has a lot of interesting places yet to be discovered. Through Nestle Drumstick Home of Adventure contest, everyone gets to share their own personal favourite for Food Travels, Water Extreme, Thrill Seekers and Nature Quests. We find it extremely useful in planning for our local trip. I’ve spent whole night browsing through the entries by region!

    The Nestle Drumstick Home of Adventure contest runs from 5th November 2012 to 23rd December 2012. 10 winners will be announced on Facebook every week. Each winner wins RM 500, and there are RM35,000 cash prize up for grab!

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