Kyoto Lab @ The Pool, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

    The Pool, is the most buzzed about hotspot in Kuala Lumpur at the moment. There’s a lounge, a restaurant and a bar all within one single premise.
    Opened by the owners of The Hill at Damansara Heights, we spotted some familiar cocktails name here – The Fish Bowl, Watermelon Slush, Coco Nutz, Weed Killer, etc.
    Nestled above The Pool is Kyoto Lab, a Japanese restaurant that will surely tantalize one’s tastebud with recreations of original Japanese favourites. It is traditional Japanese fare with a nouveau twist like no other.
    There weren’t any signs of mad scientists and funky liquids, but Kyoto Lab do serve some of their special dishes in lab equipment. The crowd was a mixture of families, youngters, party goers and white collars chilling out after work while we were there.
    Beer lovers alert! Kyoto Lab is offering happy hour promotion from 6pm-9pm – buy one pint and free half a pint.
    Asahi Beer
    Tommies Margarita (RM 28)

    Nachos with Chilli Con Carne – RM25. It is our perennial favourite from The Hill, and the quality is maintained over here at The Pool’s kitchen. Loaded with cheese, olives, jalapeño pepper, sour cream and salsa; the nachos is real addictive!
    Signature Mixed Sashimi on a bed of asparagus, garlic and truffle oil (RM 40). Sashimis were given a contemporary twists by the mad scientists (ops, chefs I mean) here. Bits of chopped chillies and garlic lend a milk kick to the fresh, briny sashimis. It was a steal at RM40, given the amount of thick cut sashimis given to us.
    Rainbow Roll with tuna, mango and toasted sashimi (RM 40). This bright & colorful food combo of tuna and mango worked great together for a refreshing and summery roll. It’s an oozing, juicy, pleasure on the palate!
    Yakitori Chicken (RM 8)
    Catepillar Roll with avocado and tempura prawn (RM 48). The caterpillar roll is dressed up to look like an insect by virtue of the green avocado and white rice – too cute to eat! It provides different texture in one bite – the avocado slices were buttery, the tempura prawns were light and crispy while the sushi rice was somewhat chewy.
    Jello Shots with Apple Bits
    Deep Fried Ice Cream in Asahi Batter with malibu rum and coconut cream (RM 16). We absolutely adore the deep fried ice cream. The light and crispy Asahi batter shell is served warm, while the ice cream inside is still cold. It tasted even better after we ‘inject’ a special concoction of  malibu rum and coconut cream onto it.

    Kyoto Lab
    347, Jalan Ampang,
    Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 017 998 5577
    Business Hours: Wednesday to Sunday,
    5.00pm till late.

    Kyoto Lab

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