Taiwan Itinerary Day 2: Yong Fu Ice Cream & Niu Dian Beef Noodles

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    From Bo Pi Liao, we took a 15 minutes stroll back to Ximending (or 1 station away). As we walk along Kunming Street, we passed by Yong Fu Ice Cream 永富冰淇淋, a very famous ice cream parlour from back in the olden days. This little corner shop is packed to the brim with mainly locals as it was a very hot summer afternoon that day.
    Menu from left to right: strawberry, passion fruit, plum, egg, dried longan, peanut, red bean, yam (box: NT150, per cup: NT35).
    Ice cream here is made and tastes the way ice cream used to be in the olden days. Each cup consists of 3 scoops and we chose different flavours: yam, egg, passion fruit for only NT 35. The texture is like a cross between ice cream and sorbet: creamy and icy at the same time. We loved the flavours too, as it is churned with all natural ingredients without being too sweet.

    Add: No. 68, Wanhua District Taipei City, Taiwan 108/68號貴陽街二段
    Tel: 02-2314-0306
    After ice cream, we continued walking towards our hotel – Amba Taipei Ximending. As we were nearing Ximending area, my sharp eye spotted Niu Dian; an award winning beef noodles shop.
    It was during off-peak hours but the restaurant is still being fully occupied. A testament of good food?

    Niu Dian’s secret ingredient is some sort of mustard coloured paste. Slowly, add the paste onto the soup and mix well. The paste adds intensity to the beef broth so remember to add according to taste.
    chilli paste
    Our bowl of signature beef noodles with cow’s stomach and tendon costs NT 220 and it tasted so good! The beef tendon was sticky, gelatinous and melt in the mouth tender.
    The broth was tasty but the star of the bowl (as you should expect) was the noodles. These noodles were very nicely done. Al dente and just the right amount of bounce in the noodle.

    Add: No. 91, Kūnmíng Street, Wanhua District Taipei City, Taiwan 108/91号昆明街.
    Tel: 02-2389-5577
    Opens from 1130 am to 830 om

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