Savouring the World

    It’s no secret that I’m a coffee addict. I simply can’t start my day without my cuppa. As time goes by, I’ve developed a refined taste towards coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, but I’m definitely a coffee lover who knows what’s good and what’s not.
    Taiwan: relaxing coffee break @ Agnes B Café, Taipei + having warm coffee poured out from flask after a hike @ Green Island, Taitung. 
    South Korea: admiring cherry blossom while enjoying coffee @ Dalmaji Hill, Busan + sipping coffee while watching the sun set @ Haeundae Beach, Busan
    Australia: soaking in the coffee culture @ Bunburry + Perth.

    KampungBoy is not a coffee drinker but coffee to us, equals to rest and relaxation. Whenever we travel, the first thing that comes to mind is to enjoy a good cup of coffee as a reward after a long walk. We also spent most of our weekends in various cafes around the Klang Valley. There’s something so relaxing about sitting back with a cuddling a steaming mug of coffee and chatting with friends and families.
    This picture was taken by KampungBoy while I was having my morning Nescafe fix (hence, muka bengkak). We woke up to lovely morning at our home stay in Raub, Pahang. And the whole time we were surrounded by lush forest, flowers and birds. I was immersing myself in the moment, appreciating nature at its best.

    If you enjoy travel and coffee like us, then do not miss out “Savouring The World” brought to us by Nescafe Gold. It is a communal travel journal of experiences savoured around Malaysia and the globe. It is also a platform for people like you and us to share our travel experiences and extraordinary moments, which inspires members of the community to slow down, seek the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    Just like a cup of Nescafe Gold made from the choicest Arabuca and Robusta beans, it’s all about savouring the beauty in the moment and stirring our senses, wherever in the world we may be.

    To participate, just sign in to your facebook account and go to and upload photo captions of the related theme. The first theme “Star Your Day” is currently running and the winning photo and caption wins a 3-day, 2-Night holiday for 2 to Tanjung Jara Resort! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
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    Step 1: Upload Your Photo & Caption
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    Step 2: Select Photo Filter for an artistic finishing
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    Step 3: Register Your Details, Click Sign Up and You’re Done! 

    Now the question is which photo should I choose?

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