NuffnangX is Like the Twitter for Blogs!


So what is this NuffnangX thing? For me, it’s works amazingly like Twitter, only better. Instead of following your someone, NuffnangX is the new and cool way to stalk and follow blogs. How does one get started?
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1. Visit to sign up and get started.
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2. Log in to your account via facebook or user ID.
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3. Start following your favourite blogs and the dashboard will aggregate all their blog posts.
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Nuffnang X enables you to follow your favourite blogs.
Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 9.34.08 PM
You can also leave a comment easily, no more tedious process of filling up your email address, name, etc. It works amazingly like a thread of conversation whenever someone replies.
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Discover new reads via the editor’s pick or from your favourite blog categories.

You can also follow your favourite blogs on the go by downloading the NuffnangX apps (available on both android and apple). You can also start following us or interact with usĀ here!

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