Yamagoya Ramen @ Solaris Dutamas (Publika Mall)

    Yamagoya Ramen @ SolarisDutamas, being the first original kyushu ramen in Malaysia differentiates itself from the rest. Among all the delicious variations of ramen that Japan has to offer, Kyushu Ramen stands out above the rest.
    Kyushu style ramen features a soup made primarily with pork bones, which are cooked for a long time over extremely high heat. Such a method of cooking releases the bone marrow into the broth and gives the soup its characteristic richness (source).
    Ramen is freshly made at the store front of Yamagoya Ramen daily. According to to Alvin, the marketing manager of Yamagoya Ramen, ramen samples are being sent back to the headquarters in Japan from time to time for QC purposes. They even reduce the water content in ramen made in Malaysia due to a humid weather condition here.

    Mukashi Special Ramen (RM 24) is Yamagoya Ramen’s signature. The broth was rich and cloudy, as a result of long hours of boiling pork bone. It was so flavorful and balanced nicely with a light layer of grease on top.
    The thinner-than-normal ramen noodle was cooked just right. We enjoyed munching on the melt-in-your-mouth stewed pork belly and various other kinds of bamboo shoots, seaweed, bean sprout and hot spring egg.
    We got to sample the Black Garlic Ramen (RM22) as well. Served with slices of Char Siu, beansprouts, ear fungus and spring onions; it was slurpalicious and deliciously garlicky.
    Chanpon Ramen (RM28) is a dish that got the Japanese residing here excited as it brings back their childhood memories. It is a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki, Japan. Due to the inspiration from Chinese cuisine, it is also a form of Japanese Chinese cuisine. Hence, we found it pretty ordinary tasting as it resembles our Chinese fried noodles.

    Tonkatsu (RM 15)
    The Tonkatsu went well with Yamagoya’s curry rice but ramen and gyoza remain as their forte.
    Remember to order gyoza as side dish whenever you dine here. It was amazing – one side is toasty and crisp, the other side tender, and the inside is so flavorful with pork juices ooze out.

    Yamagoya Ramen
    A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
    No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 03-6206 2220

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