Seoul Itinerary Day 2: BBQ Dinner @ Wangbijib Restaurant, Myeongdong

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    We spent a tiring, but fun-filled day touring Gyeongbukgung Palace, Cheongwadae, Samcheongdong and Bukchon Hanok Village on the second day of our trip. Hence, it is nice to know that my Korean friends are taking us out for a great Korean BBQ dinner. What even better is they came to pick us up after we freshened up at SA Seoul apartment.IMG_0353
    Located near Myeongdong Station, Wangbijib is a Korean restaurant specializing in grilled meat (‘galbi’). Here, once can opt to grill the meat with the roasters on the table. Or for a clean and grease free experience, one can request for the chef to cook for you. It is a very popular Korean BBQ joint as the pricing here is very reasonable.  A set meal for one person costs KWR8,000-12,000.
    We ordered a few sets of Saengsamgyeopsal (grilled pork loin, 11,000 won) and Sogalbi Jeongsik (beef ribs set meal, 20,000 won) to be shared amongst the 6 of us. The set meal comes with grilled meat, banchan, rice, naeng-myeon (cold noodles) and fermented beancurd soup.


    Fermented beancurd soup (?) – It was my first time trying it and boy, it was so delicious! We loved this thick, creamy and flavorful soup.
    Naeng-myeon (Korean cold noodles) – The magical combination of chewy noodles, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, beefy broth swimming in crushed ice is irresistible. Koreans believe that naeng-myeon can cool their bodies down after having a heaty BBQ meal.

    These grilled pork/beef were juicy, tender and flavorful. A slightly sweet marinade makes for the best tasting pork cubes too. Do you that a healthy way to eat Korean bbq is to wrap the meat with a variety of leafy greens, kimchi and “ssamjang”, the wrapping sauce?
    Even the pajeon was tasty! Served hot and fresh; there’s shredded carrot, onion, potato, kimchi and green onion in these pancakes.IMG_0379
    Lucky Bastard!
    I’d recommend this place for its good food and reasonable pricing. Plus, it is conveniently located in Myeongdong. Great place to drop by for dinner after one indulges in some retail therapy!

    Wangbijib Myeongdong
    Seoul-si Jung-gu Myeongdong 8 ga-gil
    26, 2F (Chungmuro 2-ga)
    Tel: 02-3789-1946
    Website: www.wangbijib.comDirections
    Getting Here:
    Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 9.
    Go straight 50m and turn right at the first corner.
    Continue straight 70m and turn left.
    Wangbijib (왕비집, 2F) is located 10m ahead on the left side.

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