Arimino Hair Products from Tokyo, Japan

    Few months back, I was contacted by the glorious people of Arimino hair care to try out their products and services. Arimino is a range of professional hair care products specially formulated for Asian hair. Founded in 1946, it as a well known and long-established business in the Japanese cosmetic industry. All ARIMINO product is 100% manufactured and imported from Japan to Malaysia. Here’s Jamie running me through the range of products available.
    SPICE range

    It’s easy to tell that most of the packaging and design of Arimino products are based on all things cute. In fact, they go through extra lengths to add in tiny details like faces, eyes and smiles to products to make it more ‘kawaii’.
    However it is not all beauty without substance. Conventional hair care products contain harmful chemicals and synthetics that can lead to scalp irritation, dandruff, and even hair loss. Instead, try Arimino products which uses highly purified oil with minimal chemical.  Certain ranges even provide additional UVA and UVB protection to the hair!IMG_0538
    SPICE NEO range

    Who can resist these cute tubes and bottles?


    This SPICE neo wax in tube packaging deserves a special mention. Apart from styling hair, it works as a hand cream as the main ingredient used is fruits butter. The tube design is also very thoughtful as most Japanese girls adorn 3D nail art and it is very messy for them to dig out wax from a conventional pot packaging. Brilliant ideas!
    PEACE range

    The PEACE range carries a more sophisticated packaging as it is targeting sophisticated, fashionable ladies, aged 25 and above.
    Instead of fruity and cirtusy scent found n the SPICE and SPICE NEO range, the PEACE range was spotted with a mild rose scent in it. So soothing!

    It’s time to get my hair done after we run through the products. I’ve been pondering getting a perm for a while now and Jamie provided me with all the right reasons to do it. So here’s a obligatory photo of the “BEFORE” – flat, wavy hair.

    After getting my hair shampooed, Jamie proceeded with the perming process. She applied a single chemical solution to break the structural bonds in my hair, and another called a “neutralizer”. I did not experience any “itchy” or “burning” feeling on my scalp throughout the process, which is a good sign.
    A perm typically takes 1-2 days to relax, hence I can’t really show you the immediate end result photos. This is taken 1 month after, with minimal styling. Thanks Arimino for turning my curly, frizzy hair into sleek, luscious locks with minimum upkeep!

    ARIMINO products can be found at selective hair saloons throughout Malaysia. For more information, please check out ARIMINO official website at: and official Facebook :


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