Villa Danieli @ Sheraton Imperial: NEW MENU by Chef Alessandro

    Located next to the poolside at the fifth floor of Hotel Imperial is a hidden little Italian cottage that combines exceptional Italian fare with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.


    Villa Danieli is all about warm and comfortable ambiance, with large murals on top, medieval torches hanging from the walls emitting dim light, large glass bottles filled with olives oils and a welcoming entrance, just like a typical Italian cottage.
    Ivy all dressed up for a romantic date with Chef Alessandro Graziosi. In fact, we were all there sample Chef’s Alessandro Grazios latest creations. Can’t wait to see if there is any surprise in store for us! IMG_0566
    Complimentary Fresh Charcoal Breads. Apart from being visually interesting, the charcoal breads were warm crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.
    Since it was a tasting dinner, Evelyn, the PR personnel is very thoughtful that she asked the kitchen to downsize the portion to avoid food wastage. Actual single serving is much bigger.


    1 Vitello tonnato al tartufo nero – RM68
    Sea salt flakes tuna tartar with low temperature roasted veal carpaccio, tonnata sauce foam and black truffle flakes. A crowd pleasing appetizer; as the combination of tuna tartar, veal carpaccio and black truffles offers an explosion of flavours in one’s mouth.

    2 La caprese di bufala Villa Danieli – RM45
    Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes confit, basil oil and fresh basil leaves. This is a truly delicious starter and perfect example of balancing flavors. Mozarella cheese was heavy and creamy, while cherry tomatoes and fresh basil gave it an refreshing touch.

    Scamorza alla griglia con crudaiola di verdure – RM42
    Crispy seared Scamorza cheese with vegetables marinate. Scamorza is similar to mozzarella, but scamorza cheese is a bit firmer and it has more flavor so it. It has an interesting texture – chewy melting centre and thin crispy shell.

    4 Alici marinate alla Mediterranea – RM42
    Fresh sardines marinate with garlic parsley pesto and citrus olive oil, served with Mediterranean vegetable salad and shellfish bisque gelatine. I’ve not been a great fan of sardines as the smell always lead me astray but my dining companions seemed to enjoy the dish so much.


    1 Mezzelune di patate, ricotta e limone in salsa di spigola all acquapazza – RM58
    Half-moon ravioli of potatoes, ricotta and lemon served with Sea bass and cherry tomatoes crazy water sauce. The ravioli filling was delicious and the sea bass was cooked just right, but the ravioli skin was thick and hard in spots.
    2 Taglioloni gamberi e funghi porcini – RM58
    Tagliolini with pan fried tiger prawns and porcini mushrooms with garlic and basil, shellfish bisque sauce. Shellfish and pasta always go well together and this one is no exception. Tiger prawns taste of the deep, briny ocean without being chewy or rubbery when properly cooked. Pasta was rich in bisque flavour.
    3 Filetto di manzo alla Rossini, salsa al Marsala e miele, purea di zucca all olio e verdure saltate – RM122
    Beef tenderloin with pan seared foie gras, honey Marsala beef jus, pumpkin mashed and vegetable. This is a truly indulgent dish with my favourites all in one – tenderloin + foie gras. We are all bowled over by how soft and juicy that piece of beef and foei gras was. It just literally melts in our mouth!
    4 Merluzzo alla mediterranea con purea di ceci all oilo – RM95
    Cod fish medallion pan seared then stew with berry capper, Taggiasca olives and tomato shellfish sauce, chick pea olive oil mashed. Impeccably fresh and juicy, the cod fish was a flaky perfection!

    1 Gelato al Parmigiano, asparagi glassati al miele e tarufo nero – RM42
    Parmesan cheese ice cream, honey glazed asparagus and black truffle. The parmesan cheese ice cream looked very “innocent” from the beginning; one could have mistaken it as a scoop of harmless vanilla ice cream. It was smooth and creamy with a very strong cheese aftertaste! It felt weird but after awhile, our brain reacted and we realised that it’s actually delicious! The asparagus and black truffle gave the ice cream a whole new different dimension of taste too!
    2 Cheese cake di ricotta in salsa al limone con zeste candite e composta di fragole – RM39
    Ricotta cheese cake with lemon sauce and candy zest, fresh strawberry compote. It was a lovely dessert as the ricotta cheese filling was citrusy and the tart shell was very light and thin.
    3 Tiramisu – RM35

    Overall Villa Danieli is one of those authentic Italian restaurants that set itself apart from the rest.The food is always great, the wine selection is nice and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to recommending wine to pair with your food choices

    Villa Danieli
    Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    129 Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur
    Business hours:
    Mondays – Fridays: 12pm – 2.30 (Lunch)
    Mondays – Saturdays: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)
    Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
    Tel: +603 2717 9922

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    Villa Danieli


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