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    Hi guys, I just came back from a short whirlwind trip to Bangkok with my family. Thais take their meals seriously and often make use of the phrase ‘have you consumed yet?’ as a greeting instead of the popular ‘hello’ that most westerners use. Hence our trip was basically all about food, food and food.
    I have to admit that lack of sleep coupling with consuming Thai food three meals a day have taken a toll on my acne prone skin. However I manage to keep spots at bay; thanks to Thursday Plantation tea tea oil series of products.

    Tea tea oil is a common acne treating medication as its natural active ingredient can rapidly dry out pimples and acne. Tea tea oil from Thursday Plantation Australia is world renowned for its organic properties. Aboriginals in Australia used it as an antiseptics and antifungal agent to treat wounds, bites, burns and rashes. Even the Government of Australia considered tea tree oil a WWII essential as their armed forces first aid kit.

    It is a wise move to pack these products together with me:
    Tea Tree Daily Face Wash
    The daily face wash is a delightful foaming cream with a pampering feel. It contains tea tree oil to help control bacteria and certified organic chamonile flower extract to sooth the skin. Unlike the other anti blemish facial wash, my face does not feel tight and dry after each use.
    I love the convenient pump design. Normally I use 4-5 pumps, spread onto face and rinse it off with water. The light and fluffy foam removes oil, dirt, makeup and impurities easily. Love the invigorating scent of tea tree oil too; as it wakes my skin up in the morning.
    Tea Tree Cream
    I’ve been using this diligently as a substitute for my moisturizer. It is non-greasy, non-sticky, absorbs well and felt very light on my skin!
    Dry Skin Relief moistures and repairs dry and damaged skin naturally. It delivers instant hydration and long lasting moisture and balance to dry, damage and sensitive skin. Special organic ingredients including macadamia oil, toning with hazel and aloe vera, as well as natural purifying 100% tree tea oil to help lock in moisture.
    I use it on alternate day; or when my skin is dry and flaky. It is a great remedy for those who are working long hours in an air conditioned environment.
    Tea Tree Blemish Gel
    It is an invisible treatment gel for acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. It is also benzoyl peroxide free, so it hardly ever ‘burns out’ the blemishes and leave permanent scarring.
    Tea Tree Oil (100% Pure)
    It is a multipurpose liquid that can be diluted in water or applied straight to:

    Scratches and minor cuts to ward off infection
    Chronic slow healing wounds
    Bites and stings to reduce redness and itching
    Acne and pimples
    Tea Tree Refreshing Body Wash
    It contains refreshing lemongrass, lime and orange essential oils. Made with organic ingredients to gently clean and freshen the body without drying.
    My body acne was reduced from a big swell to small zit after three days.
    The best part of all? Thursday Plantation’s products are organic and free from polysorbates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and animal derived ingredients.

    Why is it so important to use organic skin care? Everything we apply on our skin is absorbed and goes into our blood stream. Harmful and even toxic chemicals cause numerous health problems such as skin allergies, acne, rashes, fatigue and even cancer. Hence we should choose only the best products for our skin. However here in Malaysia, such products are not easy to find, and they are often overpriced. Thursday Plantation’s tea tree oil series answer our quest – 100% natural & organic with reasonable pricing.

    Thursday Plantation is sold in all pharmacies like Guardian , Watsons , Caring, Vitacare, Aeon Wellness and Independent Pharmacy if you don’t have the time to shop, no worries, you can order online on www.integriashop.com.

    We will be giving away 10 sets of Thursday Plantation’s products worth RM 237.50 each, courtesy of Thursday Plantation. Just tell us why you deserve to own the set in less than 50 words.


    • Wendy Pua says:

      I deserve to own the set because i need to get rid of body acne and back acne that can’t show off my sexy back and dress.
      I need a clear & acne-free Back & Say Hello to Sexy Dress.

    • ykristen says:

      I would really love to win your Thursday Plantation set as i have heard so much about it and what better than to have a chance to sample the product through this win.

      This set would give me the opportunity to pamper myself at home as i am usually busy with the kids and house chores as I am a SAHM. The tea tree products will definitely help replenish my skin. I would also share the Dry Skin Relief with my daughter who suffering from eczema. The rest of the product would allow me to save money from trips to the beautician as i can do it in the comforts of my own home.

      Hope i win and thanks for the giveaway……

    • Michelle says:

      I think I should win this because I never tried organic skin care products before. Hehe. 🙂

    • FanNee says:

      I deserve to own the set because I deserve to look beautiful and gorgeous as a female. I deserve to reveal my skin (which is not private) in public without facing the reactions of people on the street toward the acne and acne scars over my back. xoxo.

    • ai wei says:

      love their Tea Tree Oil (100% Pure) the most! have been using it for some times and it really reduces the inflammation! would love to try out the Tea Tree Blemish Gel and the Face Wash. it sounds really good ^^

    • I would love to own 1 set and try out together with my 2 teenage daughters who have started getting pimples on their face. Furthermore, the best part is it is organic . Hope that we could try it out 🙂

    • Seh Liang says:

      I wish to own Thursday Plantation for my girlfriend because I feel heartache whenever my girlfriend grumbles about her acne and body rashes. She has tried western medicine and Chinese therapy but all are costly and ineffective.

      And the most important reason, I want to give a surprise to my lovely girlfriend :).

    • Syee Mun says:

      Sharing is caring.
      I wish to own this set of Thursday Plantations products and share among my peers, so getting more and more peers know the great products. A recommended products should have been notice by all the gorgeous peers out there and know keep to own self. Good things are ought to share.

    • arwen says:

      i deserve to own the set because i need simple skincare range to protect my skin under sunny tropical weather , the clearer my skin is the less makeup i required to put on and the better i feel as it might sound.

    • Amanda says:

      I’d like to have this set but it’s not for me, but my sister. She has really bad skin and it saddens me to see her so jaded about it. She spends too much time and money on her face and body but it looks like nothing is working well. I hope Thursday Plantation will work. At least to reduce her facial acne problems.

    • Jess says:

      Choose me! I deserve to own one set of Thursday Plantation Product because I always have pimples during period, and I hate it to the max! I hv to use concealer to cover the acne but it turn out worse 🙁
      There are quite a lot of scars which make me lose my confident. I really wish to regain my baby skin and I’m sure this set of product can help me since it is natural and free from chemicals!
      If it works with my skin, I’ll definitely blog it and share with my friends!
      Good things meant to be shared together, right?

      Hope to hear good news from u!

    • June Wang says:

      I deserve to own the set because I want to stay gorgeous, young and bright from both the outside and inside. Would certainly love to try this incredible product !

    • Sherry says:

      I was looking for a remedy to my acne prone skin until i stumbled upon your post on TP. Opportunities don’t often come along so when they do, you just have to grab them! So, here i am, hoping TP is the remedy i’ve been looking for.

    • Xiao Ying says:

      Knowing my sensitive skin, I am always looking for natural/organic products to reduce sensitiveness of the skin. Thursday Plantation’s set, perhaps you are just the one I am looking for! 🙂

    • Esther Sam says:

      I wish to get the Thursday Plantation’s set because acne problem had torturing me for 13 years! Tried many products until i gave up but now i see there is hopes, even for my body acne! I want to heal my skin problem and get back my confidence!

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