My Recent Dental Check Up

    I normally shudder and squirm at the thought of visiting a dentist. I’ve lost count of how many times have I cried at the dental clinic during my childhood years. Just the sound of a dental drill is likely to make me panic and it brings back images of terror. However, I’ve come to realise that prevention is always better than cure and I need to overcome my fear in order to have perfect teeth.
    So after months of dreading, I finally had my dental check-up last week, as part of a Colgate campaign (you’ll see why later). It was a long overdue check-up. My dentist did a visual check on my teeth and gums using a small mirror. This is to check for any gum disease and any other potential problems that we should know about.
    The dentist is very gentle and soft-spoken. He explained to me that I need to get rid of my bottom wisdom tooth as soon as possible. I also have a problem of swollen and bleeding gums.
    As I lied down at the dental chair, he showed me some disgusting images of my own teeth! My bleeding gums are caused by these tartar (white stuff) hidden at the back of my teeth. He told me that by using the right technique coupling with a right toothbrush; I should be able to clean those hidden part properly.

    Apart from that, here are some tips to maintain general oral health care:

    -Visit your dentist twice a year for routine check-ups and cleanings.

    -Brush using the right technique.

    -Floss regularly – use of dental floss is essential for cleaning between teeth and under the gums to prevent plague formation.

    -Use the right toothbrush – It is best to use a soft nylon brush with rounded end and fine bristles. Hard bristles can wear away the enamel that protects your teeth. Replace your brush every three months, or sooner if the bristles become worn.
    Colgate is launching the SlimSoft Toothbrush, which meets all the criteria listed above.
    It is a revolutionary toothbrush with super slim tip bristles at 0.01mm. It is so fine that it touches more teeth surface for deep and gentle cleaning. The handle comes with ergonomic design and the head is of slim width and flat-trim.
    I’m going to include the SlimSoft Tootbrush into my daily dental care routine. I chose the ultra compact head (smaller) toothbrush while CityGal is using the one with compact head. We’ll be flashing our stunning smile confidently in no time, thanks to Colgate!

    *thanks Colgate for sponsoring this post


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