Samira Thai Cuisine @ Sentul Park


Samira @ Sentul Park is a new kid on the block; taking over Yuritei at the KOI centre near KL Performing Arts Center.  I first read about this beautiful place from Sean‘s blog and was captivated by it’s beautiful surroundings. Last Saturday, I popped by for dinner since it is only 2 minutes drive from my place.


We walked through a stone pathway and was greeted by this beautiful sight. The restaurant offers indoor air-conditioned comfort and al fresco dining.

The wait staff ushered us to another side of the restaurant, by the lake. It was nice to have our dinner here, while enjoying the lush greenery surrounded by breathtaking lake view and landscape.
My Korean friend was really happy taking in the evening sunset with her meal.



samira sentul park
From left: Tropical Fruit Punch, Lemongrass Drink, Fresh Coconut (RM 8 – 10)
samira sentul park-001
From left: Mieng Kam RM 19, Samira’s Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab RM 28, Traditional Thai Tom Yam with Mixed Seafood RM 20
samira sentul park-002
From left: Lychee Fried Rice RM 16, Thai Famous Sticky Rice RM 5, Green Curry Chicken

Please pardon the low light picture. It was disastrous, I know. I love Miang Kam. In fact, it’s my favorite Thai snack. The sweet-and-sour combination of myriad chopped ingredients and spices always whet my appetite. Samira’s Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab is coated in a chef’s special gravy. It was flavourful but we found the batter to be greasy. The Tom Yam soup was a tad too sweet for my liking; the chef was heavy handed on the fish sauce/sugar perhaps?

We enjoyed the lychee fried rice a lot. It was full of wok hei and the addition of lychee flesh was a refreshing touch. The green curry chicken went well with our sticky rice, but the gravy was a bit watered down.
We had Tub Tim Krob for dessert. This famous Thai dessert made from water chestnuts was cool and refreshing.
The food was decent, but nothing remarkable. However, the pricing was reasonable and we enjoyed the ambiance a lot. It is a great place to come by for a casual dinner/gathering. Just remember not to set your expectations too high :)

Samira by Asian Terrace,
Sentul Park (KLPAC), Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-921-3880
Open daily for lunch & dinner, except Wednesdays.

Samira by Asian Terrace


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  • Michelle says:

    Wow, you live at sentul?

  • Eunice says:

    Very nice view..;) your friend looks so usual..haha Korean. ;P

  • Kingstern says:

    Here comes Samira …. Wonderful great ambience! The place looks great and food was good too, as they came fr among the top restaurants in mont kiara. I just tried SAmiRA ytdy! Better go weekdays for better service as they are packed during weekends!! can’t even make a reservation!
    Anyway,..Asian Terrace famous for thr warm hospitality!

  • Wen Ching says:

    Interesting, didn’t know there is a restaurant in the park. Sounds nice, the ambiance and all, will check it out next time!

  • HouHouSek says:

    nice ambiance there o

  • Rebecca says:

    Noted on the “do not set your expectations too high” 😛

  • taufulou says:

    woah..surely going to arrange my next gathering here.. looks good with environment and food. .

    price also reasonable. . 😀

  • ai wei says:

    on the papers before! i wanna pay a visit

  • Suriya says:

    I ve unstd, photoshooting is not permitted due to restriction from the restaurant and the YTl koi center. ..because some use for commercial and for other improper use. There is a notice on their main entrance, as well at the center…I was bit upset at first but after found out that the reasons behind…Well, its true…do not violate the rules there… its a privacy for the guests there to dine without flashlights, according to their staffs.
    Such a beautiful place…should visit it rather thn seeing the photos..but bravo to your great shots! Lucky, you got their permission to get these pics!

  • Shen xiao says:

    True…true… I rather dine in places without disturbance by cameras, flashes…etc…
    Heard lots of good comments from the rest! Is it open for public…the park ?

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