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    It is a known fact that both KampungBoy and I love cooking as much as we enjoy eating. Most of the times we tried to replicate recipes, especially something that we are really fond of, at home.
    Do you know what was the biggest kitchen disaster that has ever happened to us? When we have the cooking ingredients all washed up and chopped up but only to realize that we run out of cooking gas! That was truly a fml moment.

    There is a simple solution to it. Just call 1300888GAS(427) to order Gas PETRONAS. GAS PETRONAS is more than just gas delivery. You can earn MESRA points and redeem for fuels at PETRONAS petrol stations or other items at Kedai Mesra. There are also safety checks to ensure safety to your great cooking experiences. Their trained personnel is also commited to ensure convenience and efficient delivery to your door steps.

    Less Hassle, More convenience to order Gas PETRONAS.

    For more info, visit www.mymesra.com.my/beyondgasdelivery.


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