Cafe Crumbs @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

    *closed down*
    Together with my best friends (Ivy, Christine, Wen Ching), we have formed a breakfast club unintentionally. It first started with meeting each other almost every Saturday morning to pass the time and discuss the week we’ve had. And soon it evolved into a habit. Read more about our breakfast series at Antipodean Cafe , The Red Bean Bag, Haven Cafe and Jarrod and Rawlins.
    Though attendance was really poor (2/7!) on a particular week, Aiwei and I proceeded to meet up at Cafe Crumbs. Nestled in the heart of Lucky Gardens, Cafe Crumbs is taking half a shop lot between a clinic and a reflexology centre.

    The cafe interior is cozy, charming & relaxing. I really like this little corner here; clothes peg stringing polaroids taken with Cafe Crumbs’ regulars and various 9gag graphics.

    Towards the end of the cafe, there is a display counter showcasing a beautiful array of cakes and pastries.
    Cafe Crumb’s logo looks something like a pink moustache upon a white mug. Wonder why?  Crumbs take pride in grooming its food with love and care just as how a moustache requires detailed care. Pink signifies the universal love that our chef and staff have to bring the best value to the clients – from their website.
    Mocha (RM 7.50)

    Patrons get to choose between Bristot 1919 and local coffee Aik Cheong (RM 2 difference). We love our coffee fix with Bristot 1919; it was pretty decent for this kind of pricing. We got a big mug for a nice large dose of coffee too!
    Cappuccino (RM 7)
    Peach and Ginger Cheesecake, RM 6.50

    We found tiny bits of canned peach and ginger on the cheese mixture, giving us a rather faint hint of ginger in the finish. The digestive base was done perfectly; not to crumbly and not too wet. However, the cheese layer was a tad too dry for my liking.
    Baby lime cake (RM 4)

    The baby lime cake was mind-blowingly good! It was so moist and flavorful.
    Salmon Ninja (RM 15)
    Salmin Ninja is actually panini bread with smoked salmon, wasabi cream cheese, cucumber & seaweed and served with green salad with house dressing and chips. Served warm and fresh, the sandwich is best eaten while it’s hot! I loved how the oozing wasabi cream cheese and seaweek. Very interesting combination!

    Crumbs Cafe is a cozy little cafe to chill and to spend the afternoon. Will definitely revisit!

    Crumbs Cafe
    No. 10, Lorong Ara Kiri Dua,
    Lucky Garden. 5100 Bangsar,
    Kuala Lumpur
    (Same row as Nam Chuan and Alliance Bank)

    Tel: +603 220 220 27

    Operation Hours: 10am – 10pm (Closed on Mondays)


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