Hua Hin Hills Vineyard: Getting There

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    We used to hear a lot about Old World wines and New World wines. Now we have New Latitude Wines that come from countries like Brazil, China, India and Thailand. Thailand wines have not been featured high on the look for wine list, but with a new approach by local winemaking industries, Thai wines have found a new prominence in the market. Advances in temperature control systems combined with irrigation techniques,and better cloning and rootstock selection have opened up parts of the world previously thought unsuitable to wine production.
    I first heard about Thai wines from a friend who travel frequently to PB Valley @ Khao Yai just for its beautiful scenary and good wine. From there, I told myself that I must at visit at least one of these vineyards.
    Market Village @ Hua Hin

    In Thailand, there are now six established wineries. Siam Winery is one of them, with presence in Chao Phraya Delta, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard and Tab Kwang Vineyard. Since we were in Hua Hin, it is almost obligatory to make a trip to the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. It’s about 40 km away from Hua Hin into the mountains area on the way to the as Pala U water fall.
    Shuttle service is available at THB 300 per person. It departs from Market Village at 1030 am or 300pm and return at 200pm or 600pm. It is almost a must to make a reservation 032-526351/081-9043888 as each shuttle bus can only fit 10 passengers each time.
    HHH has a wine cellar in Market Village. While waiting for our shutter bus to arrive, we walked around the cellar, checking out bottles available for sale.


    cork USB? so cute!
    Our transportation pass comes with complimentary grape juice upon arrival.
    Off we go to Hua Hin Hills Vineyard!
    The journey was very pleasant. The LCD TV in the van is playing clips about Thailand’s wine industry and introduction to Siam Winery. The latter part of the ride was very scenic too.
    Finally after a 50 minutes ride, we arrived! The vineyard is located in a valley and the we alighted at The Sala, a restaurant cum wine bar.
    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard – we couldn’t wait to see it closer.

    To be continued…

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