(A Very) Hidden Gem around Taman Bamboo, Jalan Ipoh

    Jalan Ipoh is packed with great restaurants—some hard to find. We are here to dish out some of these hidden-gem dining experiences at this lovely neighbourhood. One of them is this no name restaurant located towards the end of Taman Bamboo with no address nor postal code (scroll down for map).
    According to the lady owner who runs this place, the restaurant has been nicknamed by its regulars as:

    1) 榕树下 “under the Banyan Tree”; as evident from these large and extensive growing trees located right in front of the restaurant.
    2) 风山水起 “the water went with the wind”; named after this man made water feature/cave?
    3) 龙门客栈 “Dragon Gate Inn”. Just like the 1992 Hong Kong wuxia film, this no name restaurant is a meeting place for brigands run by brigands?
    We are no brigands but just a bunch of curious epicureans who vow to visit this restaurant after hearing some rave reviews from KampungBoy’s sister.
    It is actually a residential property with a very sizable yard space. The yard space is fully utilised to house a make shift kitchen and some tables for dining purposes. The one page hand written menu depicts a fast, no frills food service.

    It was an unique experience dining in an easy and laid-back open air atmosphere right in front of someone’s yard! That was my Korean friend by the way.
    Fried Yee Mee (RM 6). Topped with lots of Zhu-Ya-Char (lards), the braised yee mee will definitely make a health freak or weight watcher frown.
    batu 35
    Fried Pek Ger (chinese rice cake, RM 6). The texture is very much similiar to Shanghainese Nian Gao and Korean’s tteokboki but the cooking method is almost akin to the hokkien style of stir frying. Stir fried to perfection, these rice cakes were chewy (in a nice way) and never leave a flour-ly after taste.  We rate it higher than Tawakal Hospital hokkien mee stall and Jalan Ipoh hokkien mee stall.
    Pan Mee (Flat Noodles in Soup, RM 4.50). This reminds me of mum’s cooking so much. The clear broth was was made with dried anchovy stock, and the noodles were hand-torned. Just like how my mum would prepare her pan mee.
    batu 35-1
    Deep Fried Sui Kow (dumplings, RM 1 each). It was so good that we had a second servings! There’s nothing like thin, crispy skin filled with crunchy waterchesnut and bouncy prawn paste.
    California Roll (RM 5 each). Yes, we found great hand rolls at the most unexpected of places! The hand roll was filled to the brim with freshly fried soft shell crab; so delicious! The lady owner, Joanne runs a Japanese restaurant prior to this. Thus it is not surprising to see hand rolls and sushis here.

    Unagi Sushi (RM 25). It was nothing to shout about though. We’ll stick to the California Hand Roll next time!

    The restaurant has been relocated to:

    Google Map Location: 3.192236,101.682619

    Google Map Link: http://maps.google.com.my/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=3.192236%2c+101.682619&aq=&sll=3.193082%2c101.682061&sspn=0.003187%2c0.005622&vpsrc=6&g=3.192268%2c101.682624&ie=UTF8&ll=3.192472%2c101.682302&spn=0.001593%2c0.002811&t=m&z=19&iwloc=A

    Grand Opening on 08/11/2012
    Huge parking area and larger dining space, even better when it is raining outside, besides a Chinese Temple located under the Duke Highway (Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway) flyover….see the link above….

    Call 018-3198267/012-3133238 for more info.


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