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    spot the similarity – uneven tan and squinting eyes

    It is a known fact that we love to travel. To save some moolah, we hardly go for tour packages but choose to explore each destination on our own instead (which involves a lot of walking!). Hence, our escapades often left me with the after effects of (bad) holiday tan, or uneven pigmentation from long hours of exposure to the sun

    So in order to keep my pigmentation at bay, I need to invest on the right products. Clarins White Plus HP series contains Sea Lily extract, an exceptional flower that symbolises pure whiteness and beauty. Sea lily extract is an active brightening ingredient. It has a locking effect on melanin distribution to help prevent the formation of dark spots and protects skin from darkening, giving it a transparent rosy glow. This is exactly what I needed right now.
    This is how my whitening home routine goes:
    #1 Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser is a delightful foaming cream with a pampering feel. Remember beautiful, clear skin starts with clean skin.
    Normally I wet my hands and squeeze about a 20-cent coin size of Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser onto palm.
    Then, lather it into foam, spread onto face and rinse off with water.
    #2 Whitening Soft Aqua Milk is a wonderful comforting milk care lotion. It tones and revitalizes skin.
    I love the milk care lotion. It is perfect for my dry prone skin; leaving it feeling soft, supple and drenched in moisture.
    #3 Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum is a high performance serum that works intensively to reduce dark spots and brighten the complexion around the clock. I use it for both my day and night skin care regime.
    It comes in a hygienic pump design, which eases me in controlling the amount dispensed.
    Do you know that it is an all in one serum too? It helps to fights wrinkles, dark spots and a dull complexion thanks to ingredients such as Alchemilla (slows the transfer of melanin to epidermis), Raspberry extract, Vitamin C derivatives (slows the synthesis of melanin) and oils of Palm and Coconut. The unique formulation allows for quick absorption into the skin and does not leave an oily feeling at all. Even my acne scars appear to be lighter after few applications.
    #4 Whitening Velvet Day Emulsion SPF 20. This is a NEW whitening day moisturizer launched this month. It is a fine, melting and delectable milky emulsion that ensures
    brightness, radiance and well-being all day long. This lightweight and oil free emulsion also protects our skin from pollution and UV rays!
    Love the convenient pump design too!
    Enriched with meadowsweet extract, the emulsion protects our skin against shine due to heat, facilitates make up application and prolongs its hold. The UV filters and white tea extract provide protection against the harmful sun too!

    clarins whitening
    For best result, I use the Clarins application method. Apart from giving my skin an incredibly velvet-smooth feel, the application method does help in create a lifted and younger skin.
    #5 Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40. This award winning sun screen contains cantaloupe melon extract which has strong antioxidant properties and can help to fight ageing process. The melon extract contains Superoxide Dismutase(SOD),an antioxidant enzyme which helps to neutralize free radicals before they can oxidize cells and cause DNA damage. It is also formulated with a 100% mineral screen, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
    I love the pink hue as it gives my skin a beautiful glow. This is truly lightweight, spreads evenly and disappears into my skin that I often forget I’m wearing it. For everyday incidental sun protection, this is my go-to product.
    white plus night cream
    #6 Whitening Repair Night Cream is the first anti dark spot night cream with both Sea Lily and White Daisy extracts. Pigmentation does not stop even at night. Having our skin constantly exposed to the sun and UV rays during the day, our skin needs to have double whitening power to repair while we sleep at night. So this wonderful night cream, together with both Sea Lily and White Daisy extracts, helps to controls hyper-pigmentation caused by UV rays and soothes stress accumulated from morning to night.
    Remember that UV rays and stress accumulates from morning till night, even when we are sleeping. The night cream works it wonders when we are sleeping to slow the production of melanin. Wake up to see more radiant, beautiful skin in the morning!
    #7 Gentle Brightening Exfoliator. I use this in my weekly ritual as this cream contains exfoliating micro-beans to deep-cleanse, smooth and brighten skin. Massage onto damp skin, Use once or twice per week.
    I love how gentle the scrub is. The beads are very fine and do not irritate the skin at all. The texture of this scrub is on the creamy side and has a light floral scent. Skin appears to be brighter and cleaner after I use the scrub each time.
    #8 Intensive Clear Mask. It is a skin tone correcting mask which restores the brightness, clarity and radiance of youthful-looking skin in just 5 minutes! Clarins’ proprietary blend of Alchemilla, Raspberry and Vitamin C helps fade freckles, dark spots and discolourations – delivering the ultimate hyper pigmentation protection. Used twice a week for 4 weeks.
    A small tube is more than enough to cover my whole face and neck so I normally apply a very thick layer.

    The true importance of daily skin care cannot be emphasized enough. So far I’m pretty please with Clarins products that are all allergy tested and non-comedogenic. It is very important to me as I have acne prone skin. I really like the light floral scent that exists in most of the products under White Plus HP series too. So pleasing and relaxing! After faithfully using all those products for two months, I can now see a much significantly improvement on my dark spots. They are much lighter and scattered. My overall skin is brighter too. Will continue using them for more significant result!

    Wanna try the new White Plus and get that luminous looking skin? You can now stand a chance to win Clarins products worth RM1,400 by taking part in the My Luminous Moment contest! For more information, visit Clarin’s facebook or website!


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