Getting to Hua Hin from Bangkok (Transportation Guide)

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    Happy 2012 to our dear readers! Have your got your holiday plans ready for the year? Well, we already have two places in mind for the first half of year 2012! If Bangkok is one of your holiday destination this year, why not consider making a 3D2N trip to Hua Hin?

    Hua Hin is unlike any other beach resort in Thailand. There’s no all-night action of cabarets and discos, neither there’s any tourist crowds, traffic or anything for that matter. It is a quaint seaside resort city which is very popular among Bangkok residents as well as a small group of Japanese, Korean, Hong Konger and Taiwanese tourists. It is well known as a rainy season retreat and is closely associated with the Thai royalty. In 1926, King Rama VII built the Klai Kangwon (Far From Worries) Palace on the beach a few km north of the Railway Hotel and this palace is still frequently used by the Royal Family. The Hua Hin railway station is also frequently visited by the Thai royalties. There’s even a Royal Waiting Room in it!
    Situated about 200 kms from Bangkok, there are a few ways to get to Hua Hin:


    From Bangkok Southern terminal every 40 minutes from early until late, about THB 160 each way, journey time about 3 hrs 15 minutes

    Pros and Cons: Cheap, comfortable and relatively faster; but the location of Bangkok Southern Terminal is not convenient.


    Fares vary depending on type of train and class. Journey time from around 4 hrs to 5 hrs. Most have 2nd class air conditioned some also 1st Class.

    kampungboycitygal’s comment: Cheap (around 100 baht); but the trains go very slowly getting away from Bangkok so 2 1/2 hour road time to Hua Hin stretches to 5 or 6 on the train.


    As of 2010, there is no scheduled air service between Bangkok and Hua Hin. Charter jets and helicopters are available if you are in a hurry and have lots of money. Hua Hin Airport is also convenient for Cha-am.

    kampungboycitygal’s comment: Fast, comfortable and convenient; but we don’t have the money to charter a jet.


    Easily available, journey time about 3 hours, fares range from THB 1,600 onwards.

    kampungboycitygal’s comment: Fast, comfortable and convenient; but 1600-2000 baht is still a steep price to pay for 2 pax.


    Easily available from airport and city, fares range from about THB 2,850 upwards, and more comfortable than normal taxis. Large sedans and min-vans available.

    kampungboycitygal’s comment: Fast, comfortable and convenient; but 3000 baht is still a steep price to pay for 2 pax.

    Hotel Transfers:

    Some hotels / hotel groups such as Hyatt and Dusit have regular transfers between their Bangkok and Hua Hin properties, either large sedans or luxury mini-vans.

    Shared Mini Vans:

    This option is available from most any travel agency in Bangkok, but must be booked ahead. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to get to Hua Hin. One way fares usually cost no more than THB 500. The trip takes a little over 3 hours, depending on your place in the pick up or drop off queue.

    kampungboycitygal’s comment: Cheap, convenient to board (Victory Monument BTS) and relatively faster (2.5 hours); but seating can be very tight and there’s no luggage storage space available.

    Information from Trip Advisor
    To board a minibus, proceed to Century Shopping Mall (Victory Monument BTS). Cost is 180 baht, limited baggage. You might be asked to buy extra seat if you have a lot of luggage. If you’re traveling light, it’s a great way to go.

    The Hua Hin vans board in the alleyway next to Century Movie Plaza close to the stairs at the southern end of Victory Monument BTS station. From the skytrain station, take the walkway towards south, descend the staircase on the east side to street level. The minibus area is next to the stairs. Look for a small table with “Cha Am, Hua Hin” written in English to buy your ticket. There’s service to Pattaya as well.
    The mini van departs every 30 minutes, or when the van is full (~15 pax).

    Our mini van stops near the Clock Tower. From there, we took a 2-3 minutes walk to Hua Hin Tourist Information Centre.
    The friendly staff provided us with a range of information. They even helped us to call up our resort to arrange for pick up!
    Can’t wait to explore Hua Hin!

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