Never Trust a Skinny Food Blogger

    They say never trust a skinny chef. What about a food blogger? I must admit that 5-6 years back when we started this food blog I piled on the pounds reviewing food. I used to relate this up sizing as a job hazard.
    Those were my bloated time…

    As time goes by I realize I can’t really blame it on the food. I’ve seen a lot of food bloggers who are quite often fitter than the average Malaysian. Cumi&Ciki, Bangsar Babe and KY, just to name a few. So how do so many foodies manage to balance looking great with indulging on good food? It’s all about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


    Reorganize the wardrobe every fortnight or make up the bed everyday

    A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to begin with big, dramatic, challenging change. I start by making small changes and incorporating them into my life slowly. First in my priority is housework, a chore that must people dread. Instead of relying on the part time maid to clean and tidy up my home, I’m doing it myself. Not only do I get to burn some calories, I save RM 70 per week too!
    Ditch the high heels, change into sport shoes and climb those stairs

    Working at the 10th floor and staying at a 18th floor apartment helps too. Whenever I felt really bloated after a meal, I would walk up the stairs. Sometimes when I do the groceries, I park in the last spot at the parking lot so that I get to walk more. I also wake up 5 minutes earlier to do some light stretching such as cat stretch and toe touching.

    Well, these are the baby steps I took towards an active and healthy lifestyle. The result is quite significant as I felt less lethargic and slim down a little bit. Next, I’m going to introduce some incremental change such as longer intervals.

    If you need more tips in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, tune in to 1 Sihat Malaysia. It is hosted by Fahrin Ahmad and local celebrities such as Siti Saleha, Chef Zaidah and Ifa Raziah will share with us their health tips.

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