Tak Nak!


    My whole family and my social cycle, is composed of nonsmokers and I am very glad they don’t. However, sometimes I do have to take in those whiffs of tobacco smoke that drifts into my airspace in a restaurant, on the street or at work. It’s annoying! Secondhand smoke is also more than just annoying — it’s downright deadly.
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    I know the side effects of smoking has long been talked or debated about but today I’m going to reiterate some of the key points. Starting from the top, smoking can cause yellow and unsightly teeth, gum disease, decayed tooth, bad breath and even mouth cancer.
    yellow teeth drew
    Do you really want to flaunt your smile like Miss Barrymore here?

    Moving down to chest, the toxic component in cigarettes is so harmful that even exposed to low-levels of cigarette smoke may put people at risk for bronchial infections, chronic coughing or even lung cancer and emphysema.

    Smoking can also be very detrimental to our vital organs and systems – heart attack, strokes, and loss of circulation in fingers and toes and impotence. The digestive system is also affected in terms of heartburn and ulcers. Pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and kidneys damage are also few of the fatal side effects.

    And on the worst side, the person who normally does not smoke and is exposed to the toxins found in the cigarette smoke occasionally might have a worse reaction because their body is not used to it. So remember to say Tak Nak to protect yourself and loved ones from secondhand smoke.

    Tak Nak Merokok Campaign by Ministry of Health.

    Loathe smoking or determine to quit? Support the campaign at at http://www.facebook.com/TAK.NAK.MEROKOK or join the contest at www.gayahidupsihat.my.


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