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    aka momiji
    Having opened their doors to the public since year 2009, Aka Momiji has been captivating the hearts of many Ipoh folks. This includes my parents. Aka Momiji is their favourite Japanese restaurant in Ipoh. We have celebrated countless birthdays and special occasions here.
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    Interior is very simple, but nice and clean. There’s also elegant tatami rooms catered to larger groups.

    Having worked in Japan for over a decade, the chef cum owner Mr. Tan’s favourite season is autumn. Hence, he named his restaurant after Aka Momiji, which means red leaf in Japanese language.
    5 Ten Mori (RM 50.80) consists of five types of assorted sashimis. It comes with generous slices of thick, fresh and creamy sashimis. The fresh sashimi is value for money too, it will probably cost more than RM 50 in any Japanese restaurants in KL.
    Ebi, Japanese Shrimp
    Maguro, Tuna
    Aji, Horse Mackerel
    Ibodai, Butter Fish
    Sake, Salmon
    We love having our sashimis with daikon and shiso leaf, to be dipped in soya sauce. It leaves a fresh, minty after taste.
    Kyuri Maki (RM 11.80). This cucumber roll is a signature dish of Aka Momiji. If you want to skip rice, this vegetable and deep fried bits maki wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber is light and very refreshing. It’s definitely a must order dish!
    Salmon Maki (RM 18.80). Intrigues by the food presentation? It tastes as good as it looks too!
    Chicken Ham Maki (RM 16.80) is catered to some of the elderly who can’t take raw fish slices. Very considerate, but I don’t quite like the combination of chicken ham and maki.
    Avocado Roll. The rich creamy texture of an avocado lends itself nicely to the maki. Again, the chef has incorporated deep fried bits into the maki, giving it a nice crispy bite.
    Kaisen Teppan (RM 24.80). The seafood teppanyaki with vegetables came in a generous serving. The seafood was fresh, but I find the sauce to be a little too greasy for my liking.
    Gyu Sirloin (RM 29.80). The beef was quite very good- tender, juicy, buttery and full of flavour.
    Coated in a sweet, savoury sauce; these big and succulent scallops were really good. A squeeze of lemon juice over the scallops brings out the wonderful fresh and briny flavor of the sea.
    Mentai and Cheese Korokke (RM 11.80). Crispy on the outside and soft inside, these korokkes are best eaten hot. I especially love the one with mentaiko, so creamy!
    Hire Yaki (RM 15.80). Smokey, salty and chewy; these smoked shark meat makes a great beer snack.
    The pan fried gyoza was tasty but not out of the ordinary.
    Yaki Soba Omelette (RM 15.80). Omusoba is a dish that takes the already yummy on it’s own Yakisoba and blankets it inside a fluffy omelet.
    Last but not least, complimentary desserts from the owner! We always get free desserts from him whenever we dine here.

    6-38, Medan Ipoh 1E,
    Medan Ipoh Bistari,
    31400 Ipoh, Perak.
    Tel : 605-546 8368


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