4 Things to Do at Desaru, Johor

    #1 Kampung Lunch at Penghulu’s House
    There’s nothing quite like savouring an unadulterated home-cooked meal while away from home. Hence, our resort took us to a kampung house. The friendly and humble folks who lived in there dished out a sumptuous spread of delightful dishes a la kampung.

    The lunch spread comprised many dishes, including stir fried green beans, ikan masin, ayam goreng kampung, godok pisang and some kick ass sambal.
    A delicious serving of curry fish fillet was being passed around too!
    Chris & Ivy

    I haven’t had such good and authentic Malay food in a very long time. This is definitely a very special and nostalgic meal which arouses everyone’s palates.
    coffee and specially brewed herbal tea

    #2 Visit a Fruit Farm
    desaru activities
    Desaru fruit farm is a 160 acre orchard planted with with a variety of tropical fruits such as starfruit, jackfruit, soursop, honey orange, the king of fruits the durian and much more.

    We joined a guided tour and the guide told us that the dragon fruit flower blooms only at night; the large white fragrant flowers of the typical cactusflower shape are among those called “moonflower” or “Queen of the Night”.
    Beauty and the cempedak…
    Misai Kucing or better known in English language as Java Tea has many great benefits that is unknown by many. It cleanse the kidney and the bladder; as well as treating high blood pressure and diabetes.
    The tropical fruit farm is a great place for the kids to learn and try some new fruits.
    Desaru Fruit Farm also has a mini zoo, fish pond and many other exciting attractions!
    The chicken clutched onto Ken‘s arm comfortably. Hehe!
    Fruit platter for sampling towards the end of our guided tour.

    #3 Go onto a Mangrove Eco-Tour
    The cruise enables us to learn about the importance of mangrove community and why we need to take steps to preserve what is left.
    Picture credit to Chris
    Picture credit to Chris

    Captain Alicia

    # Fireflies Experience
    The fireflies experience was amazing! The Lebam river is home to millions of fireflies. That night, we saw a lot of glowing fireflies amidst the pitch dark jungle river . Much better than Kuala Selangor; according to some of us who has been on a Kuala Selangor fireflies excursion. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures in order not to disrupt their natural habitat.
    Let me show you a picture of the Mamut, a cute baby ape owned by the boatman. Mamut favourite moment is diaper changing time, that’s also the best timing to take a picture of him. So cute right?

    These recreation activities can be requested and arranged by the resort staff upon request at an additional charges. Special thanks to Pulai Group and Ah Bok for the awesome arrangement.

    Read about our experience at Pulai Desaru here.


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