I Love October!

    I love October. I think it’s my favorite month of the year. March (my birthday month) is a close runner up, but October wins hands down because of Oktoberfest!

    I had my first Oktoberfest celebration at Sid’s Pub TTDI organized by GAB last year and boy I had so much fun and joy! GAB has so much more in store for us this year.



    Guinness & Kilkenny, my default beer order =)

    What about a glass of Heineken?

    Imagine a month long celebration with big steins of beer, bratwurst, pork hocks, sauerkraut and gorgeous Bavarian ambassadors.

    Featuring the various award winning and ever popular Paulaner, Strongbow, Guinness, Heineken, Tiger, Heineken and Kilkenny, GAB will again celebrate Oktoberfest in various pubs and restaurants throughout Malaysia with activities and entertainment lined up such as the traditional oom-pah band, Oktoberfest games and beautiful dancing Bavarian ambassadors.

    Don’t you feel like dancing along with them everytime the dancers start dancing? Hehe.

    This year, GAB also feature 3 Oktoberfest exclusive beer – Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, Hopf Ice Beer, and 111 Zwickl. All hailing from Germany!
    At every GAB Oktoberfest celebration, you’ll also get a 1 Litre Oktoberfest Mug with every purchase of 1 Litre Tiger Draught. That was the mug, which I got from Oktoberfest 2010. It sure does look huge, even when the (not so small size) Cairos is holding it. :p

    Can’t wait to join in the fun? Visit www.facebook.com/OktoberfestMY now and look out for the next Oktoberfest party!


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