Ristretto Cafe @ Mont Kiara 10

    Located in a quieter part of Mont Kiara, Ristretto Cafe wears multiple hats- it’s a restaurant and a coffee shop. The latter outshines as many has good things to say about their coffee.
    Ristretto’s interior is cozy, warm and inviting. One can also dine outside and soak up the sun on the al fresco terrace.
    Upon placing our orders, the cute and affable barista made our drinks behind the counter.
    Cappuccino (RM 5)
    Cafe Latte (RM 5)
    Flat White (RM 5)

    Priced from RM 4.50, these cheap drinks help cushion the blow to our wallet. We all loved how smooth the coffee was and how there was no bitter after taste. This was attributable to double ristretto, which forms the base of their coffees, is a sweet lingering combination of nutty aromas and lively acidity.
    The cafe also specialises in Peruvian dishes, and according to the wait staff, the chef hails from the north of Peru. We ordered some dishes to try and Papa a la huancaina persona (RM 18) is actually boiled potatoes and eggs served with a spicy, creamy sauce. It tasted like ordinary potato salad to me, and RM 18 is actually a steep price to pay for such a simple dish.
    Jalea Mixta (RM 35), on the other hand, was actually very good! The crisp and non-greasy mixed fried seafood platter was very addictive.
    With such delicious and huge portions, the pricing is quite reasonable too.
    Arroz con pollo (RM 25), literally chicken rice which is an original Peruvian recipe. We did not enjoy the dish at all, as the fried chicken was dry and hard.
    While the Peruvian dishes were disappointing, Ristretto Cafe is a great place to chill out. The coffee is really good and affordable!

    Ristretto Cafe
    Unit 3A @ 10 Mont Kiara,
    Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur.
    Directions: After Plaza Mont Kiara, turn right into Jalan Kiara 1. Drive till the end and you will see MK 10. Ristretto is located in the building on your left, on the Ground floor. Parking is FREE.
    Business hours:
    Open daily from 9am to 11.30pm

    Ristretto Café


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