Restoran Pan Heong @ Medan Batu Caves

    Pan Heong is such a legendary eating establishment in other part of town – Batu Caves. With cheap, affordable pricing and no frills interior; Pan Heong is not intended to be a gourmet restaurant, but as places where one can enjoy comfort food in the company of friends.
    This Batu Caves most famous restaurant boasts wall photos of visiting celebrities and politicians throughout the years. The newspaper cutouts are solid testaments to their popularity too.
    Sang Har wat dan hor (RM 68 for 4 pax) is one of the main reasons people flock to this restaurant. Imagine luscious fresh water prawn and kuey teow (flat rice noodles) drowned in a thick gravy in bright orange hue (from the prawn roe).
    Upon taking the very first bite, we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was! The medium sized prawns were sweet, succulent and springy to bite. The kuey teows were so smooth and the eggy gravy was well enhanced by the prawn flavour. Absolutely divine!
    Kao Yoke Mee Hoon (vermicelli with stewed pork, RM 16.50 for 2 pax)
    The stewed pork was very flavourful, and with the right ratio of fats versus lean meat, it almost melts in the mouth. The mee hoon packed plenty of wok hei too! This must be another must order dish at Pan Heong.
    Sang Yu (snake head fish) and Century Egg Porridge (RM 15.50 for 3 pax)
    It was cooked just right: the velvety smooth porridge was neither too thick nor watery. The robust fish slices were fresh and chunky while the century egg has a nice, creamy centre. One bite into these beauties and we were transported to heaven!
    Mee Mamak Goreng (RM 10.50 for 2 pax). It was sweet and spicy at the same time; but pales in comparison with the excellent dishes we had before this.
    Nam Yu (fermented bean curd) Pork (RM 25). Fried till crispy, the nam yu pork was extremely flavourful and addictive. However, we found some pieces to be too lean and tough while some were delightful delicious with a right amount of fattiness.
    Even our order of Sweet Potato Leaves (RM 13) tasted so good that it vanished in split seconds!
    All in all, Pan Heong serves very good food at a reasonable price. Each of us paid about RM 22 for all that food! Parking is horrendous and the crowd is crazy, so be there as early as 11am for lunch.
    Pan Heong Restoran
    No.2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
    Batu Caves,
    68100 Selangor
    (parallel to SRJK Kheow Bin)
    Tel: 03-6187 7430
    GPS Coordinates: 3.233434, 101.674165
    Opens from 8am to 330pm daily.


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