New Zealand Natural Dessert Workshop

    New Zealand Natural recently hosted a special cooking session at The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas. I just learnt that there are many ways in which people are able to indulge in ice cream such as making dessert out of it! It was truly an eye opening experience. We also got our hands dirty and had some fun creating some icy desserts.

    Merkaine from The Cooking House is very nice, sweet, bubbly and animated.
    She made everything seem much easier to do than I previously thought. In fact, it was so easy because she had already measured and prepared everything for us beforehand.
    The kao-kao-chan pair :p
    Dessert No. 1 – Chocolate DeliriousCupcake with Stuffed Ice Cream; using White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Cream

    Sponge cake mix
    300g chocolate coating (melted)

    Chocolate Ganache:
    1 cup whipping cream
    250g chocolate coverture
    1 tsp vanilla essence

    1. Prepare ganache by heating cream over pan and then pour over chocolate coverture.
    2. Whisk till all chocolate have melted and smooth
    3. Cool and use once texture is pliable.
    4. Scoop ice cream into balls and freeze.
    5. Use a knife and remove the middle part of the cupcake.
    6. Dip ice cream balls into chocolate coating then freeze.
    7. Once hard enough, place coated ice cream into cupcake and pipe ganache over.
    8. Decorate as pleased.
    Let your creative spirits run wild as you decorate the cupcakes.
    KampungBoy and his “masterpiece”.
    Dessert No. 2 – Tiramisu Ice Cream Stack; using Cookies & Cream Ice Cream


    1 pkt of sponge fingers
    2 cups of Espresso coffee
    2 cups of whipped cream
    Cocoa powder for dusting

    1. Pipe whipped cream on the base of the cup.
    2. Then place a piece of sponge finger soaked in espresso on top.
    3. Then top with Cookies & Cream ice-cream.
    4. Repeat and lastly top with whipped cream.
    5. Dust with cocoa powder and serve!
    Tadaa!  The end product which resembles the real, alcoholic tiramisu so much.
    This is definitely my favourite recipe because for some creepy reason, the combination of just whipped cream+cookies & cream ice cream+sponge fingers taste like tiramisu so much! Without mascarpone and Bailey’s Irish Cream!
    The “K” Brand Tiramisu
    Dessert No. 3 – Chilled White Chocolate Mousse; using Chocolate Ecstasy Ice Cream

    White Chocolate Mousse:
    180g white chocolate, broken into small pieces
    250ml cream
    1 egg white
    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Almond Brittle:
    250g whole almond with skin (roasted)
    450g white sugar
    White Chocolate Mousse method:

    1. Double boil the white chocolate till melted and smooth.
    2. Set aside to coo before using.
    3. In a mixing bowl, beat cream till stiff and then whish egg white till resemble a meringue.
    4. Fold in the cream and egg white together with vanilla extract and white chocolate cream.
    5. Pipe white chocolate mousse onto a cup, then scoop chocolate ice cream and finally top with almond brittle.

    Almond Brittle Method:
    1. Melt sugar in a small pot till the color resembles a caramel tint.
    2. Pour onto the almond placed on a parchment paper.
    3. Let it cool and break to use.
    With nice presentation and a “can’t go wrong” recipe, the chilled white chocolate mousse is great for small, intimate home parties.
    NZN ice cream were given a sweet, new twist with these dessert creation. The plus point is, they were made so easy that everyone can attempt this at home. Thanks again, to New Zealand Natural for the fun filled afternoon.


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