Taiwanese Mooncakes from Shou Xin Fang 手信坊

    Mooncakes are an indispensable part of the Mid-autumn Festival and the varieties that we see out there can’t get any better. One good example is Shou Xin Fang 手信坊, a Taiwanese confectionery that came out with a wide varieties of cute and creative mooncakes.
    桃小町礼盒 (RM 48)

    Mrs Jeannie Lee from New Formosa Restaurant passed us two boxes of Shou Xin Fang mooncakes as souvenirs and we were attracted by the pretty packaging instantly. Do note that this is not an advertorial, we are just too eager to share them with you!

    The mochi gift box consists of four decadent flavour: Blueberry, Mango Peach, Chocolate with Cherry, Strawberry. I love the soft, almost gooey chewiness of the mochi skin. Take a bite to reveal a myriad of ingredients beneath those pretty mochi skin – layers of flavored cream, cake base and fruits. Every bite is pure pleasure!

    Chocolate with Cherry
    Mango Peach
    Assorted Blossom Mooncake (A) 雪月御兔 (RM 93) is a premium giftbox with 5 varieties of pastries and dessert.
    桂花香柚 Osmanthus with Pomelo Filling Cakex 4
    芋头酥 Taro Cake x 4
    凤黄酥 Pineapple with Salted Egg Yolk Cake x 2
    阮玉酥 Pineapple with Mochi Cake x 2
    方杯芒果冻 Mango Jelly x 4
    The individually packed pastries with different filling, all dressed up in pretty packaging.
    shou xin fang From left: Taro Cake+Osmanthus with Pomelo Filling Cake, Pineapple with Mochi Cake+Pineapple with Salted Egg Yolk Cake, Mango Jelly

    I like the taro cake, pineapple with salted egg yolk cake and mango jelly the best. We found the osmanthus with pomelo filling cake and pineapple with mochi cake a tad too sweet for our liking.

    Shou Xin Fang’s mooncake is available for sale at New Formosa Restaurant, SS2. To reserve, please call 03-78751894/7478. 20% discount is applicable for all KampungboyCitygal’s readers. Remember to call to for booking, look for Wendy and mention KampungboyCitygal. (thanks aunty Jeanie!)

    New Formosa Restaurant
    46 Jalan SS2/24
    Petaling Jaya.


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