Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Starbucks Mooncake

    The Mid-Autumn Festival, with the fullest moon of the year, is a time for family reunions and nothing is more synonymous with the moon festival than the mooncake. It seems like the F&B boys in Malaysia have an early start on moon cake this year. The flavor selection is also getting better each year. Truffles, durian,  birdnest, cheese, bacon, you name it, they have got it.
    What about some coffee and dessert flavoured mooncakes from Starbucks? This year, Starbucks is introducing 4 new tantalizing flavours – caramel macchiato, tiramisu, green tea chocolate and hazelnut latte.

    The Regular Package that consist of two 2 scrumptious mooncakes is priced at RM 38.80. I like how it is presented in a beautiful but traditional die cut hard board box.

    For RM 148.80,  the Premium Package consists of all four 3 flavours plus exclusive Limited Edition Ceramic Starbucks® Logo Coasters.
    Starbucks also presents its mooncakes in elegant packaging that is sure to win the hearts any mooncake aficionados.
    All 4 varieties!
    There’s even Starbucks logo imprinted on the mooncakes!
    While we found some of the offerings were a tad too sweet for our liking, our votes go tiramisu and green tea chocolate. The tiramisu mooncake is a perfect blend of flavours, with the strong aroma of coffee and creamy cheese. I love the combination of green tea and chocolate, it has the right sweetness and the chocolate gave a pleasing bitter aftertaste.


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