Aik Yuen Hokkien Noodles (behind Hospital Tawakal)

    Aik Yuen needs no further introduction as most KL folks would have known or heard about this place that serves great Hokkien noodles. Located off Jalan Pahang and behind Tawakal Hospital, this little eating establishment is spotted with good crowd since opening till late.

    Apart from the main shop lot, the tables overflowed to the pavement, stretching to the next few shophouses on both sides. Hokkien mee (RM 6.50) and fried fish cakes are the pièce de résistance here, as we spotted them in almost every table. The Hokkien mee does live up to its name, full of “wok hei” and came with a generous amounts of fried pork lard. It is also the dry and sweeter type of Hokkien noodles, which I really enjoyed.
    The “Chao Pek Ger” (Stir Fried Rice Cake, RM 6.5) was chewy in texture and it never leaves a strong “floury” taste in my mouth. So I’m rating this higher than Ming Hoe, Jalan Ipoh.

    Our order of Wat Dan Hor (RM 6.5) was a total let down though! It was just…bland and forgettable. How could someone who made good Hokkien noodles can’t do wat dan hor well?
    The fish cake being the crowd’s favourite, was well-seasoned and have firm, bouncy texture.
    Our Deep Fried Calamari was nothing to shout about; the batter was too thick with uneven seasoning. The first piece I took tasted really good with some curry powder seasoning but the next piece was as tasteless as plain water.
    The Stir Fry Lala was decent; the spicy and sour sauce was quite appetizing.
    I really enjoyed the Caramelise Siew Yoke (RM 10) because it reminds me of how my mum would “treat” those leftover siew yoke from our usual offering rituals. Stir fry the pork pieces of dashes of dark soy sauce, sugar and cili padi and voila! A major facelift to our usual siew yoke.

    Overall, dishes are a hit or miss so it is advisable to stick to their “core” signature dishes such as hokkien noodles and fish cakes.

    Restoran Aik Yuen
    Behind Tawakal Hospital
    Jalan Sarikei, Off Jalan Pahang Barat
    53000 Kuala Lumpur

    Aik Yuen Hokkien Noodles


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